The Twitter Tag and Follow Friday Project

Remember the days of playing Tag as a youngster? “Tag your it!” Well now you can play TAG on Twitter. The Twitter Tag Project has compiled a little helping tool for you to tag your friends and then let them continue the trend to see where you end up.

Twitter TAG Project


This is how The Twitter Tag Project Explains it.

How it Works

1. Fill out your Twitter username and a friend.

2. Select your message.

3. Click ‘Tag User’.

4. Tweet the message given.

5. Wait for your friend to continue the trend…


No passwords are required!

So check it out here – The Twitter Tag Project

Twitter Tag Follow Friday

Follow Fridays are common around Twitter, especially those that have been using Twitter for quite a while. Though a lot of people have lately been using #FollowFriday for bringing out unique users in the crowd. They have been bringing out guys that are worth following and then doing a little 140 character write up on them. I have been doing that as well. I can add that it portraits a bit of personal traits towards the other person and not just a user name that you highlighted.

This post is actually for the people that still use the old method of #FollowFriday. Here is a little tool that I have found that can make your work a little bit easier for you, so that you don’t have to do everything single handed.



They have created a tool that sums up your followers and then displays to you your most active friends. They then setup Tweets, for easy publishing in a #FollowFriday Format.

Here is how they explain it:

How it Works

Tired of manually inputting names for Follow Friday tweets? Well do I have a solution for you!

  1. Type in your twitter username.
  2. The engine will scan the last 200 tweets, count the dups, and return your most active friends.
  3. The results will display:#FollowFriday @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @friend4…

So if you are one of those lazy people, here is a tool that will help you out a lot.

Check it out here – The Twitter Tag Follow Friday

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