Theater Poster Design Inspiration

In the past there was no technology around, people were using bikes as transportation and getting the word out of an upcoming event wasn’t as easy as it is today. People had to draw advertising posters and go pillar to pillar to put them up, not as easy as poster printing nowadays. People were very attracted to theater productions and whenever a production was about to be recited they would go out and see it. But how could they find out when and where a theater scene was about to be played? Well they designed theater posters and gave them to people on the street, fixed them on buildings, walls or pillars so people moving around would see the posters and go see the show.

Nowadays people don’t go too often to the theater plays because the technology replaced it with movies. Whenever somebody wants to see a movie he opens the computer and watches it or he goes to the living room and watches TV. There are a lot of options to entertain you and theater, sadly, it’s not really one of them. But there are still people who love the theater culture, because they learn a lot and entertain themselves watching live action and play which it’s 100% better than any 3D effects.

Now that technique it’s used like in the past but the designs are made on the computer, using technology and different design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and more combined all together or separately. Let’s take a look and inspire from the following great theater poster designs and hope soon to see a theater play to relax and inspire ourselves because plays can really inspire you and develop your creativity and wake up your imagination.

Theater Poster

Holmes and Watson

“Perfume” Theater Poster

International Opera Festival

Pirates of Penzance Poster

Cyrano – Dossier K – Poster

Dracula-Ford’s Theater Poster

house of 1000 corpses poster

Romeo and Juliet Poster

Theater Poster

Cabaret Poster

Romeo and Juliet Poster

Platform 12 poster

SkyMarshalls Poster Alternate

Refuge theater

Dramafest 2010 – Poster

For The Love of Juliet Poster

My Fair Lady Poster

shkspr abridged play poster

Macbeth – Citizen’s Theater

theater poster

Dracula poster

Theater Poster

Popcorn Theater Poster

Sleuth Poster

Theater poster

State Theater – Gigi Poster

monster squad poster


theater poster_tiyatro afisi

The Wedding Singer: a poster

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