Tips For Launching a Successful Freelance Copywriting Career

Freelancing career’s success is measured by repeated clientele. There are four building blocks to a successful freelancing career which include reliability, credibility, self-confidence and responsiveness. As a freelancer, always know your market to sell your USP effectively. Freelancing gives you the freedom to work at your convenience, anytime of the day – from anywhere. Here are some tips to get more exposure, more recognition and more contracts as a freelance copywriter.

1. Determine your areas of interest for freelancing

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You might think that all writing is the same however this is a myth. Writing could vary from business writing to creative writing. It could mean writing for the web or writing for magazines or writing for online media or offline media. Choose the area which fascinates you. You should have flair for writing for that specific area. Only then will you able to excel in freelance writing.

2. Set attainable goals and targets

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Establish the time you can dedicate towards freelancing writing. Make clear decisions – do you want to quit your job completely or do you want to freelance as a part time writer. How many hours in a week can you contribute being a part time freelancer.

3. Self-Discipline

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During freelancing, you are your own boss. You need to be self motivated and committed to your work. Being your own boss gives you the freedom along with added responsibility to maintain professionalism while you work.

4. Create some writing samples for yourself

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When you start approaching clients to trust your writing skills, first thing you would be asked would be your writing samples. If you have samples relevant to your client’s requirements, half of your battle is won. When you prepare your portfolio of writing samples, consider compiling a variety of work rather than restricting it to a particular industry or style. Get a business card for you to be more presentable in front of clients.

5. Understand the scope of work

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Before you begin working for a particular client, understand what is required from you. Get all the necessary clauses in writing. Get clarifications in case you are not sure about any aspect. Attain a clear picture of all the essential information and do not leave anything ambiguous.

6. Understand your contract terms

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Know your contract before your begin working on a project. Agree on your fee in writing in advance. Understand the payment terms which should include date of payments, mode of payments and more. Various aspects like word limit should not be left ambiguous to avoid any miscommunication and re-work at a later stage.

Freelance income can prove to be really beneficial in meeting costs of your luxuries. This can be your additional monthly income or can also be your full-time earning source. If you are considering foraying into freelancing, make clear decision about the kind and style of writing. Trust your instinct and make wise decisions around your freelancing career. It could be a great self-employment opportunity for you, if you understand the market scenario well. A career in freelancing can give you the freedom of expression without any restriction or boundaries.

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