Top 5 Cost Effective Plays to Win in Guerrilla Marketing Warfare!

The business world is a competitive place. Consumers are willing to spend, but don’t want to be sold to. For small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to imagine overcoming the success that large brands have when they have millions of dollars in marketing budget behind them. Despite the size difference, there are different marketing techniques that can be used to grow your business’s awareness and to carve out a healthy slice of the pie in your market, despite your business’s size or if your business is new or old. If your business has next to a zero budget, have no fear as we provide the process to confidently grow your business leads and sales.

Much like a game of football, there are the psychological, tactical and physical elements that your business must successfully put together in order to win the desired outcome for the business.

Pre Gameplay

Set the objectives.

You won’t know where you are going if you don’t know exactly what you are aiming for. Your goal must be clear, concise, measurable and have a timeframe. You must know the difference between what will make you win and what will make you lose. This way, you will know exactly how to lead your guerrilla marketing army. To think of it another way, your team must be able to aim like a sniper, not a shotgun. Aim to close in on your targets 100% of the time by identifying the right targets and objectives to enhance the chances of your marketing success.

Can do attitude.

Leaders must lead with confidence in order to inspire and motivate their team to achieve the desired goal for the business. Lead from the front with the sense of boldness and optimism, eradicating any sense of doubt in your team. Inspire them to achieve greatness. Paint the picture by visualising the result and communicating the vision with your team. This way, they will work towards making that dream a reality.

What are the tactics your team must implement to win?

Below are the top 5 guerilla marketing tactics to use in 2015.

  1. Hitting the market using direct selling with the perfect pitch.

This is the most effective way to drive the awareness and sales of your product. Develop a pitch that provides your targeted audience with a compelling offer and use a direct sales or promotional team to take the awareness of your product to the market. This can be accomplished via door-to-door sales, direct pitching in the streets or in commercial establishments or via telesales and appointments.

  1. Celebrity leverage.

You can find celebrities that use or endorse your product (or one that is similar) and leverage their celebrity status to drive interest and demand in your products and services.

  1. Creating billboards.

You can create inexpensive billboards on your own commercial establishment to drive intrigue, interest and curiosity to spur awareness, enquiries and sales. Large or small prints with sticker printing can be leveraged to increase the awareness of your business’s brand.

  1. Partnering with businesses in strategic alliances.

What better way to get more customers than partnering with other businesses to gain referral business. Outreach to non-competing businesses in your field to find opportunities to exchange customers or to promote to them inexpensively.

  1. Leverage the power of media publications.

The power of the media has the ability to transform your business. This can be achieved through print, digital, radio and television. If successful, your business could be exposed to an audience reach in the millions and could see your business flooded with enquiries and sales. The easiest way to achieve this is to reach out to journalists and to pitch them your story or idea that will compel them to promote your business. Consider areas of your business that may trigger a human interest story.

Gameplay – execution!

Having the right attitude, goals and tactics to win is great, but none of this will become reality if the team doesn’t pull through by executing the tactics well. Ensure that you have the right team members that will add value to your team and fulfil their required duty to make your overall strategy succeed. Any team members that are deadweight will hamper your chances for success. To provide an all-star performance, you must have all-star team members. Ensure that they will fulfil their tactical role exactly as expected to ensure that you achieve your successful outcome.

Touchdown – Command and conquer!

Should everything work in synergy exactly as you requested, the results should have been achieved. Through your chain of command, your team should have delivered the knockout blows to gain the market share that your business desired.

Below are a few examples of well-executed guerilla marketing ideas.


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To be successful in business is much like a game of modern warfare. It does come down to the survival of the fittest. The most creative businesses are the ones that thrive in their industry and become the market leaders in sales and in innovation. Commit to guerilla marketing to achieve this authority in your market and your business will emerge the winner and will reap the desired rewards.

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