Top 5 Uses Of VPS Servers In 2015

The VPS is a full virtual operating system that you can run alongside other virtual operating systems. A VPS essentially runs like a virtual PC, which you can run on Windows or Linux. The great thing about VPS servers is that you can technically run what you want. With the added level of control that a VPS offers, you can tweak a lot more things than if you were on a normal server.

If you are looking to scale up your web host from shared hosting, a VPS server solution is the next step to give you better control. A VPS solution can reduce the risk of any impacts from other sites that you may be experiencing with your current shared web hosting. While you receive the complete benefits of having your own server, you don’t have to deal with managing the server or network infrastructure as this is all taken care of by the web hosting provider.

The VPS option is attractive for those people who need to run several programs or servers. For gamers who want to have access to a server that can run multiple games, and then they have the flexibility of switching from one to the other, then a VPS option would be the right offering.

The evolvement of web servers

The next generation of web servers that are virtual, but provide almost the same benefits of owning and managing a physical server but without the cost and overhead resources required to manage one. Previously, the costs with running your own VPS server was limited to those webmasters who were running profitable projects that could afford higher than average costs. Over the years, the reduction in VPS server costs has made it more attractive for webmasters running both small personal projects, as well as larger and more profitable projects that require the additional power of servers. In some cases, having your own VPS server can be cheaper than renting server space from shared hosting providers. VPS may be the new shared hosting in 2015. Host Geek is one of the companies offering VPS server solutions. Below are some of the top uses that people can use VPS servers for in their online endeavours in 2015.

1. Run an e-commerce solution on a VPS server with Magento

If you are interested in starting a fully featured e-commerce platform, then Magento is the ideal platform to use for small online stores through to larger retail giants. To ensure that your web store remains stable, fast and provides a good experience for your customers, you can have the store run on a VPS server; which will give you good storage and bandwidth features.

There are a few things that you should consider to make the most of your Magento VPS. You can choose to buy a blank VPS and set it up cheaply. However, it is recommended that you go with a managed VPS solution. The reason being that by having a blank VPS, you will need to tune up the MySQL, PHP, and other settings within the server. For a person who doesn’t know how to operate the cpanel, then it is better to go ahead with a specialist hosting company that can manage the technical aspects of your VPS solution.

2. You run an information website where you can expect spikes in traffic.

If you run an information website where you may get spikes in visitors from news or your content going viral, then you need to have your website operating on a platform that can handle the traffic spikes. Invest in a solution that can provide you with the bandwidth and control to keep your website online. If you are looking for a solution that will allow your site to operate as an internet giant, then VPS hosting is for you.

3. You can use a VPS as a game server, such as Minecraft.

With the popularity of Minecraft booming over the past few years, the game’s popularity continues to prosper in the internet community. You can run Minecraft on your own server at an affordable cost. VPS servers are an affordable solution for gamers that need a web server. Partner with a VPS hosting company that understands the requirements of gamers to minimize game ticks and maximise seamless gameplay.

4. Your website’s USP is data security

If your website is storing sensitive data, then you need to have an operating system that can offer the security that is required for the data that is stored on your website. The virtual machine host can encrypt the virtual disks or files within the virtual file system. Security measures that you receive with a VPS reduce the risk to the threat of hackers and identity theft. Only the hosting staff will have access to the information on your server. Research companies that have a strong reputation with securing data and that they can also secure the physical security of the machine. Ultimately, you will need to have a strong degree of trust between your business and your web hosting company.

5. Use a VPS as a backup solution for your website’s files and data

Reduce the risk of losing any data and information. You can use it to back up another VPS that you may be running, as well as to use it as a testing and monitoring facility for your main website. Check for features that will allow you to write your own scripts on the backup server side and that you will be able to compress your backups. The backup solution that is available with a VPS is ideal for cloning your current VPS file system or to backup your MySQL database.

These are just a few good ways to leverage the power of a VPS for your web server needs. If you would like to find out more information on how to customize a VPS to your needs, speak to a VPS expert who can point you in the right direction on dedicated servers to get your server up and running for your web venture.

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