Top Ten Rules For Creative People

When it comes to being a creative worker there is nothing more fun than making something that is really useful, beautiful, or both. However creative workers often get stuck in the mindset that if they do things one way and it works then they should keep looking for a better way. Sometimes sticking with what works is really worth it, but sometimes they are right.

However there are ten things that creative people should keep in mind while they are working:

1. Failure is not a person

When you fail that does not make you a failure. Failure is just something that happens. You need to learn from it, not give up because of it. Creative people often take failure to heart when they should not. Failure is just a part of learning, of growing, of living. Show me a man who has never failed and I will show you a man who has never done anything. You do not want to be that person. Do not let failure define you. Rather learn from it and help your failures make you a better, more creative, person.

2. Do more than you are instructed to do

One of the hallmarks of a truly productive creative person is that they go above and beyond. Let’s face it, being creative is easy and fun for you. You can do things twice as fast and as easy as the next Tom, Dick or Harry, so why not go above and beyond? If you can improve an idea or make a process better than do it. Not only will you enjoy the process more, as it gives you more room to be creative, but the people you are creating for will appreciate the extra effort too. If they do not then what have you lost? Nothing! In fact you have learned more about how to be creative and what works then you would have just doing the bare minimum.

3. Try new things

I am not talking just about work here. Like I said at work we creative people find one way that works and then want to improve it. But what if we really think outside the box? Let your imagination go wild and try things you would usually never have tried. This works in your personal life as well. If you can get out of your comfort bubble and reach the world in new ways you will get your creative juices flowing in a whole new direction. Try new foods, new cultures, new ways of thinking and acting. Take in a play or a poetry slam, go to an art museum with weird sculptures, dine al fresco in the middle of town and just people watch. You will be surprised at what inspires you.

4. Teach others what you learn

The best way to keep new information in your long term memory is to teach someone else. Do not hold on to your inspiration and ideas. Spread the love and share the spoils. You would think that empting yourself into someone else would end up leaving you with less but that is just not true. The more you give away the more you keep, so start giving!

5. Make work into play

If you enjoy your work then it is not really work, is it? If every day of work is like a vacation then you will never get burnt out. Whatever you do you must enjoy it or it will show. If you do not love it then do not do it! You have a choice on how you will look at work. Is it something to rush through or something to spend your time on? Do you love it or hate it? The choice is up to you, but you are a creative person and thus the more you hate your work the less creative it will be.

6. Take a break

Regardless of how much we enjoy our work we still need to take a break from it once in a while. Go on vacation. Take a weekend just to do nothing. Even during the work day get away from your workstation for lunch and get out into the real world. Your brain is not a machine. It needs a break every once in a while to recharge its batteries and get the creative juices flowing again. If you feel bored or unsatisfied try to take a break for a few minutes to see if you can regain your joie de vive.

7. Work even if others are not

The temptation when you see other people slacking off is to do the same yourself. After all, they are getting away with it so why shouldn’t I? Well, don’t. Do not give in to this temptation. Not only is it bad for your morale and your productivity, but this mentality drains you of your creativity. Make the most of your time and enjoy your work. The more you get accomplished; especially when others are slacking off, the better you will feel about yourself. Not only that but the people you are working for will appreciate your hard work and continual effort.

8. Always be creating something

As a creative person you see things in a different light. Like iron sharpens iron, you need creativity in your life to keep your creativity sharp and ready to go. Do not think that once you leave the workplace your creativity time is over. Bring creativity into every part of your life. Enjoy being creative at home from cleaning creatively to loving your mate creatively to giving creative gifts. Do not stick to just the way you create at work either. If you write then paint. If you paint then sew. If you sew then decorate. You get the idea. To be really creative you need to step out of your comfort zone and find new ways to express yourself.

9. Make your own inspiration

Feeling uninspired. Think it is your company’s fault, or maybe the customer’s fault? No! You are in charge of your own inspiration. Do what it takes to keep inspired. From taking breaks to taking trips to a walk down memory lane or writing a poem, you know what it takes to inspire yourself. Maybe you are motivated by money or food or time off. Give yourself goals and incentives for reaching them. Only you can choose to be inspired or not.

10. Love what you do or do not do it

This is a simple idea but one that we forget a lot of the time. We got into the creative field because we loved it. We did not become a business person or a train engineer or an airline pilot. No, we picked a creative job because we love to be creative. Do not let that fall to the wayside. If you find yourself hating what you do that will translate over into your work. Everyone can tell when you are faking it. Either you need to change what you are doing or find another job. The choice is up to you. But whatever you do, love what you are doing or leave it behind.

These ten rules are not groundbreaking by any means, but they are important reminders for creative people. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day grind that we forget what we are working for. Go back to the beginning and regain your love for your creative occupation. You will find that you have changed a lot since then. If you do not love it anymore then find something you do. If you still love it then act like it! You determine your happiness in life and only you can make the changes necessary to achieve it.

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