What not to do while attending industry exhibitions

If you’re exhibiting at your latest industry exhibition, then you’ve probably got a big list of things that you need to do. After all, there’s a lot of organisation behind an exhibition, but this often means that things can go wrong which can negatively impact your brand and your bottom line. Here are 4 things you shouldn’t do at an exhibition, which can improve the success of your exhibition.

1. Don’t ignore people

As businesses, we have a preconceived idea of who to talk to at exhibitions. We often have pen portraits to tell us who our target market is – baby brands looking for mothers for example, whereas a bike retailer may be looking out for young, sporty looking men. But should we ignore people who don’t follow our preconceptions?

The simple answer is no. Even if we don’t feel that somebody is old enough to have purchasing power, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been sent out in order to gain potential supplier information. Although you may not be speaking to the person who holds the purse strings, if they are a heavy influencer in that decision then it may be worth not passing them off as a potential customer.

2. Don’t choose design over function

Everybody wants a pretty looking stand but the simple truth is that if it doesn’t work properly – the way you need it to – then it will affect your ROI. Instead, focus on how you need your stand to work for you in order to reach your goals. Whether that’s raising awareness of a particular product or if you need a private area to meet with existing clients. Of course, we’re not all design experts, so choose an exhibition stand from Nimlok.co.uk for example who create stands that have both function and form.

3. Don’t forget to measure success
Do you know how well your exhibition went? We could just go on gut feel, but in an era of needing to show whether a marketing activity is successful enough to warrant reinvestment, it’s important to know how you’re going to measure success before you exhibit. After all, it’s a bit too late to start thinking about it when the doors finally close as you may have missed your opportunity. Success for your brand could mean anything from sales to the use of a special coupon given out at the event a few weeks down the line.

4. Don’t power through

Exhibitions are pretty intensive events. If you let it, they’ll drain all of your energy. So don’t choose to power through without taking breaks as this will leave you burnt out at the end of the day, running on the embers of coffee. Get off of the stand, take a walk to stretch your legs and have a proper lunch break.

Eating and drinking on-stand can look unprofessional as well as put people off – after all, you’re too busy to talk if you’re otherwise engaged!