What to Consider when Choosing your Food Packaging Design

Packaging for your food creations has a bigger role than that of getting food for point A to point B. What to consider when choosing your packaging design entails more than the utilitarian value of disposable food containers. Do you need packaging with a particular shape, size and made from a certain material? Using a food package design with your brand emblazoned on it can help you with your marketing efforts.

A) Attractive

Wrapping up an order of fish and chips needn’t require expensive, attractive packaging. However, when displaying packaged take out items for sale, packaging that displays the food in an attractive manner adds to its appeal. Packaging vendors had developed both inexpensive lines of food packaging as well as higher end items that are so attractive they can be used for service at catering events.

B) Branding

Used to effectively market their products, branded concepts use their logo on their food packaging for the visibility of the brand. Although not as inexpensive as generic food packaging designs, the boost to your business due to package branding may work well for your location.

C) Product Consistency

Different manufacturers make their product just a little different from their competitors, making cross use of products like lids and cups impossible. One other thing to consider when choosing your food packaging design is consistency. A change in their designs can affect your current packaging inventory, so this is an important question when considering a vendor.

D) Sustainability

The public has become more conscience of business practices that promote sustainability so packaging that is earth friendly may be important to your customers Food packaging designs that are made from biodegradable materials that cause little harm to the environment are more desirable to customers than products that are not. If this is important to your customer, base and your business there are many vendors whose focus is biodegradable food packaging designs.

E) Cost

Like most things, the fancier the packaging, the more the cost. Whether you use the lowest cost chip scoop, or large plastic or aluminum trays for your food packaging design, the cost of the product will be part of your cost of doing business. The more the cost of food packaging, the lower the profit on the item being sold if the cost is too high or the package too fancy for the product.

F) Match the Packaging with the Food

What to consider when choosing your food packaging design is that the food matches the packaging. A salad displayed in an attractive package with a clear lid highlights the item that you have for sale and makes it more visually appealing. We eat with our eyes, making products visually appealing helps sell your product. High quality packaging not only shows off your product but also conveys the value of the product and its market position.

G) Functionality of Packaging

A one-size, fits all, approach is not always the best way for what to consider when choosing your food packaging design. I slice of pizza may be shaped like a piece of pie but using the same package for both is probably not a viable solution when considering packaging. Likewise, a drink cup may hold soup but may not be the best way to serve the soup. Some items may be able to be used universally, while other packaging has specific uses.

The Choice is yours

When the question is what to consider when choosing your food packaging design, Mercury Packaging is the answer. Look at what you sell and then put a plan in place when considering your food packaging design.

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