Where will You be in 5 Years from Now?

I was reading a article “4 Useful Things You Could Do Tomorrow” at Nicholas Cardot’s blog Sitesketch101.com
The article just lists four things you could do tomorrow instead of following your usual daily routine, it got me thinking, What will I by doing 5 years from now, where will I be?, With whom will I be?

Maybe none of us will even reach 5 Years from now, Maybe the World will come to an end in 2012 as predicted by scientists, maybe aliens or supercow creatures will take over the world…What will happen to us then? There isn’t enough space on earth for us to live with other life forms. Ok I am just talking a load of rubbish, lets get back on topic.

If you think about it How long have you actually been blogging for?  Blogging has really only taken off 2007-present and its climing steadily there is no question that it won’t continue or seze to exist, but looking at it it has only been 3 years. What were you doing the 2 years before you started blogging?  I know a lot of people want to take things a day at a time but, I can never stop myself from wondering where I would be in 5 years, Healthwise, Financially the list goes on.

I can definitely tell you one thing, if we continue with what we do we will all be well off in one way or the other, Media will never really have a big downfall because all major roleplaying companies in the world need Media to advertise and build their businesses on. I know I will never give up being a Digital Artist for a 9-5 administration job ever but, then looking at Aunt Betty sitting behind a desk from 9-5 sorting and filing loads of documents with a big smile on her face, I ask how does she stay happy doinga job like that? well that is why everyone is different. All of us got given our own talents and we have to make the best of what we get and what we have, regardless of what the people around you have to say. The questions still stands:


Where Will YOU Be in 5 Years?


I really do not know where I will be in 5 Years time.
I know where I want to be in 5 Years though. I want to be Freelancing from home or my own Studio and be earning a hefty income each month through my Blogging and Freelancing. I want to have bought my own house and drive my dream car. I would want to manage quite a few different properties around the world too. Things can change over night especially if you have a planned out life. Who said you couldn’t dream big for 5 Years?

Now its your turn to tell us Where you Will Be in 5 Years?
We are patiently awaiting your comment.

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