Why Great Design Is Becoming A Necessary Ingredient Of Web Marketing

A majority of businesses now function online. Even those with ground stores are finding it increasingly important to be on the internet. So at a point like this, when everyone is aiming for a prominent web presence, your website design can make or break the difference between a high and low CTR (click-through-rate).

Well of course, you should go for Search Engine Optimization as well as Search Engine Marketing but for both to succeed, you need to first have a website that will engage visitors enough to make them buy stuff from you.

Let’s see why this needs to be done.

Website marketing depends hugely on website design. If your design is inviting and in tune with your product, then your website will get rave reviews. Now design is a component of several elements which include color, features, special effects, browsing experience and beautification. Let’s go through each of these in detail.

Color Affects Human Thinking

How your viewers engage with your site will depend on the color combination of your site. Quite remarkable, right? But it has been seen that warm colors like red and orange induce excitement in human beings while cool colors like green and blue make them calm. Thus, color is possibly the most important element of website design. This is why most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and even applications like Dropbox spot a cool blue color.

These sites display a diverse range of blue, from dark blue to sky blue. Notice the colors used by Facebook and Dropbox:

On the other hand, colors like red and orange bring forth life and excitement; they are also used to connote love, health and optimism. This is why one finds the use of these colors in matrimonial sites. But take care while using these colors as too much of them can scare your viewers away.

Special Effects Indulge the Viewer

This is another reason why website design is an integral part of successful web marketing. You see, with more and more viewers spending time on tablets and smartphones, it is important that you find better ways to engage them on to the screen. Remember, your competitors are many and you have less than 3 seconds to gain their attention. How do you do it?
With creative special effects of course. CSS3 and HTML5 have freed designers from the clutches of stagnant designs and brought an era of slick web designs which feature complex visual effects and interactions. No one is attached to the stationary desktop and neither should you. Move with the times and the times will move for you!

Special effects have a lot of variety. They include sliding-fading visual elements, interactive buttons, augmented reality, parallax experiences and more!

Consider the website of Aardman.com, an animation site below. It features matchstick figures, dinosaurs and a varied range of beings walking from one end of the screen to another and ropes holding the different divisions like ‘feature films’, ‘commercials and branded content’ and so on.

User Friendly Features are a MUST!

If you are involved with web marketing then you know one of the most primary ingredients of high revenue is a user friendly site. Nowadays, user friendliness has come to be equated with minimalist design. The most prudent example of this is perhaps seen in the free blog site, Tumblr. A series of other sites like Simple and Square also host minimalist web designs as an expression of user friendliness. The new web of ‘less is more’ surely attracts today’s ‘no-frills’ generation.

Note the log-in page of Tumblr below.

‘Simple’, simply asks you to leave your bank.

Convenient Browsing Experience

Browsing experience is another reason why you cannot ignore the importance of web design while looking for a coherent web marketing plan. That’s right; the easy navigability of your site as regards the desktop viewer and the smartphone viewer can be a big motivator for site revenue. If your site is easily browsed on desktop but difficult to get through in a smartphone or tablet, then you risk losing a certain percentage of your potential clientele.

Anyway since it is very cumbersome to create two separate versions for desktops and smartphones, a responsive design that alters with the way the viewer chooses to access the screen can prove effective. This implies that while desktop viewers get to see the complete screen, mobile owners are directed to “call to action” content and little design.

Being Different Scores Points!

When web marketing first started out, websites were designed to replicate newspapers and magazines. But times have changed now. Online experiences dictate how the rest of the media present themselves. In a world where all devices are connected, it is logical to imagine the existence of a cohesive interface.

Consider the interface of Pinterest. With its unique interface and design, Pinterest caters to a specific kind of clientele; the kind that creates brand loyalty.


Thus great design is a prerequisite to successful web marketing. In an ever contracting world where creative and marketing merges, where viewers can directly express their likes and concerns and where the differences between the business and the customer are nullified by internet, it is primarily important to stand out. And the only way you can stand out is by creating a unique website design, one that will not only invite viewers but also motivate them to buy your products and services. The above are some of the effective ways to grab attention of your viewers. Let us know if you have more ideas.

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a company that offers a to do list app for businesses and individuals, and who also consults for a psd to html conversion company.