A logo is a symbol, a representative of the culture and the picture of a company and their service. Most of us think that the logo is only a picture which becomes an inseparable part of a particular brand or a company. Mostly pictures or symbols are used as logos as they are easier to remember than words. But there are few brands like Cadbury and Harrods who use unique typography as their logos which have already become trademarks.

These kinds of logos are created using typefaces. Using typography helps to recognize and memorize the name of the brands easily but on the other hand it may look quite common if it is not designed efficiently.

Mostly new brands opt for typographic logos to make the names clear and prominent in front of their customers. Through typographic logos the new entrants want to let us know about their entry into the world of business and marketing. But while using this type of logo the organizations should remember that their logo should be designed in such a way that it can grab the attention of the customers at the very first look at the logo. Many organizations hire design farm to design a unique logo for them. It is necessary to check their logo design portfolio to get the best result.

Scope for Experimenting
We commonly think that typographic logo does not provide much space for creativity. But it is not always true. If it is designed professionally and skillfully it can alone promote a new entrant brand or organization and hit their target customers.

Use Effects in Typographic Logos
Different types of effects can be added to the typographic logos to make them unique and eye catching.

Use small and creative images
You can use small creative images in your logo. But remember that the image should be related to your business. Using such tricks can make your logo more appealing to the customers. This type of logo is called iconic logo where symbols and typographic are used altogether.

Iconic logos are quite popular these days as they are quite cost-effective and can communicate better with the target customers than other forms of logos. As this type of logo conveyed the brand name and their products and services all at once through a single logo, it does not require separate marketing campaign to promote the name of the brand.

Experiment with the Alphabets
A flat typographic font may look dull and simple in a logo. As a designer you have the freedom to play with the alphabets and their fonts. A simple addition of a creative twist can change the logo as well as the image of your brand. Brands like Bata, Cadbury have made their mark in the business world only by using typographic logo right from the beginning.

Word mark Logos
Word marks logos are mostly used to promote a brand. This type of logo mostly concentrates on typeface and text. Sometimes it is included with some graphical elements as we see in Nike’s logo. A number of logos are also there who do not use graphical elements in their logos. Instead, they use their business name to communicate with their customers. Companies like Nokia, Toshiba use such formula.

You can opt for word mark logos if your budget is limited you are unable to afford a huge marketing campaign. If you clear your business name through your logo you will not have to spend extra amount of money in brand building. It is necessary for the companies who have images in their logo to promote the name separately.

Letter mark Logos
Letter mark logos also contain typographic face. These types of logos usually carry the abbreviated form of the companies or the organizations. Sometimes these abbreviated forms used in the logos become more famous than their original names. For example, America Online is famous as AOL, General Electric is mostly known as GE. Today these abbreviated forms have become so famous through their logos that very few of us even know their original business names.

Now it is up to you how do you want to promote your business and then only you can proceed to design a logo that will be unique and complementary to your brand. If you are thinking of hiring an individual logo designer or a company to do the job for you first go their logo design portfolios. The list of clients they worked for and their feedback. If possible contact with them personally to verify their claims.

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