Why You Should be Using Videos on Your WordPress Website

Whatever industry you’re in, whoever your target audience is, the main aim is always to attract attention, customers, and business. To do this you need your WordPress website to impress, entice and entertain because this is what will keep your customers interested and engaged and therefore much more likely to take action on their impulses. A web video will do exactly that and is the ideal way to advertise your products or company clearly whilst driving traffic to your website at the same time.

Keep Ahead of the Competition

Using videos on your WordPress website is almost guaranteed to put you ahead of the game. A lot of people haven’t got the time or money to create videos for their business and find it’s much easier to stick to still images. However, adding the production and use of videos into your financial plans can be a capital long term investment for your business. Search engines value video content and the videos will make it easier to convert leads into sales.

Different Types of Video

Videos are a great idea if you have products that are difficult to advertise. You can offer tips, visibly answer FAQ’s or create how-to video guides to promote a better understanding of your products. The best thing about web videos is the astounding amount of variations and choice available. You could produce a webinar and put it on YouTube, explain products or services with a video infographic or get some help from the experts and have a whiteboard animation made to your specifications.

An easy way to make you video truly unique and engaging is by using it to tell a story. You could add a personal touch by explaining the story behind the business or the team involved in product development, this might help encourage brand loyalty and trust. Videos that tell a story won’t come across as an advertisement and are easier to make entertaining which will increase the likelihood of customers sharing them on social media sites.

Keep your Customers Happy

With the fast pace of the internet nowadays it’s important that your message is relevant but concise. A lot of users haven’t got the time or inclination to read through pages of text to find the information they need. If they know that they can get the same information by watching a video instead then it’s more likely that will be the route they choose. However, most customers have a short attention span so make sure your video is limited to 2-5 minutes and you’ve covered all the relevant details as succinctly as possible.

If you’ve decided that web videos are the way forwards for your website the last thing to ensure is that they can be uploaded to social media sites, that there is a link back to your website and it is optimized for specific keywords so it will show up in search results. There’s no doubt that a video is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business in the best possible light and will definitely help generate more interest in your business.