Why you should ‘Facebook Live’ your Exhibition

Exhibitions are live events, with a buzz of energy and enthusiasm that is hard to transcribe into words. But a video can speak a thousand words and more. Most exhibitors may now consider using a video to try and translate this buzz across to people who couldn’t make the event – or to allow them to relive the event. But why would you choose to use Facebook Live at an exhibition?

More engaged

People spend 3x longer watching videos that are live as compared to video which is no longer live. If you know that your visitors are most active on Facebook at a certain time, then going live will increase the chance of somebody watching your video. Call it a fear of missing out, it’s a great opportunity for you to interact with your audience on a live basis – to see an instant response using emojis and to respond to peoples live comments.

It creates a sense of community and that is every brand’s dream.

Video is better than photos

Facebook favors video content as stronger, more engaging content anyway – so on average it has 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Not only is this due to Facebook’s algorithm giving priority to video in the newsfeed, but people are more likely to interact with engaging video content – especially if it is live.

Live to normal video

Unlike other platforms, after your live video is completed, it isn’t deleted after a certain timeframe which means that people can continue to watch it after the event. This also means that you can review the statistics behind watch time and how many people watched live as well as optimize your video and post further for non-live viewers.

In fact, two-thirds of viewers watch live videos after the event has happened so it’s well worth post-editing!

How you could use it at an exhibition

Before you get started with using Facebook live it’s important to think about why you want to use it. It may seem whimsical to just ‘give it a go’ to increase engagement, but in order to maximize your engagement, you’ll need to think of it with the same depth as you would any other video. Think about what you want people to do after watching your video.

Do you want people to visit your website? To give you a call? To show them what they’re missing out on? Give them a reason to continue to watch and make sure your video is engaging with no obvious slow moments where people could get bored.

Make sure your scene for filming on-stand is branded using your exhibition displays. This will help with brand recognition (especially if you plan to boost your post later) by using banners and pop up stands from reputable suppliers such as Marler Haley.

It’s worth giving it a practice run of what you’re going to do and say before going live if you’re nervous so that it runs as smoothly as possible to maximize your engagement.