You’ll Be Shocked To Learn Why Typography Is So Important! Here’s 35 Examples.

Typography is one if the most overlooked aspects of graphic design and writing, but one of the most important. There are many reasons why attention needs to be paid to typography, but I’ve broken them down to what I think is the top 5:

  1. Different fonts evoke different emotions from the reader.
  2. You can attract attention and engagement to your main points by varying fonts.
  3. Typography adds creativity and some spice to logos, articles, descriptions, slogans etc.
  4. Font can actually effect the readers mood. A study by Larson, Hazlett, Chaparro and Picard showed that people frowned less when reading certain fonts.
  5. Appealing typography can even effect eye fatigue, thus effecting reader engagement.

Keep these points in mind while scrolling through the 35 Typography samples below, and even more-so, while working on your next project. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

typ-1credit: • SAWDUST •

typ-2credit: Charles Williams

typ-3credit: Charles Williams

typ-4credit: Charles Williams

typ-5credit: Charles Williams

typ-6credit: Juri Zaech & Samantha Alexandre

typ-7credit: A Friend of Mine

typ-8credit: Pose Radu

Printcredit: Moshik Nadav Typography

typ-10credit: Tobias Hall

typ-11credit: Neubau Berlin

typ-12credit: Radomir Tinkov

typ-13credit: Ale Paul

typ-14credit: BMD …

typ-15credit: Mateusz Witczak

typ-16credit: Side by Side

typ-17credit: Charles Williams

typ-18credit: BMD …

typ-19credit: Thinking Room

typ-20credit: Snask & Richard the Gray & Jens Nilsson

typ-21credit: Gabriel Lefebvre & Rachel Lecompte

typ-22credit: Dani Loureiro

typ-23credit: Julien Gionis

typ-24credit: Ana Gomez Bernaus

typ-25credit: David Sanden & Rock Roice & Alvaro Cabeza

typ-26credit: Tim Bisschop

typ-27credit: Bence Bilekov

typ-28credit: Autobahn

typ-29credit: Yonito Tanu & Hunky – dunky & Jessica Chapiness

typ-30credit: Mario De Meyer

typ-31credit: Studio Andrew Howard

typ-32credit: Shane Griffin

typ-33credit: • SAWDUST •

typ-34credit: Muokkaa Studio

typ-35credit: Mister Doodle & Ligature Collective


Could I of made this collection more engaging by changing fonts? Probably. Don’t underestimate the potentially positive influence that typography has in making your articles, logos, slogans, or descriptions more exciting.

I hope that you enjoyed this Typography collection! Thanks for stopping by!