10 Awesome Apps that Bring Your Visual Content to Life and Don’t Cost a Fortune

Most of the people (30%) who visit your website are primarily visual learners or have a mixed learning style with a visual element in it. 40% of the people will respond better to visuals than they will to plain text. Facebook saw 65% increase in engagement after they introduced the Timeline. Numbers don’t lie. Visual content marketing is a relatively new kid on the block and is here to stay for a long time.

Following the growing demand for creative visual content, there has been an increase in the number of tools you can use to bring your visual content strategy to fruition.

10 Awesome Apps to Bring Your Visual Content to Life (and don’t cost a fortune)

1. Vine

Vine is a video-sharing app launched by Twitter that you can use to create 6-second looping videos. Recently, Vine reached its 40 million mark, so the app must be doing something right and as a business you should be listening. You can use it to create short how-to videos or ad campaigns spread your message. Check out how Lowe’s used Vine to create their snappy home-improvement video here.

2. SlideShare

The last time I checked, SlideShare received over 60 million unique visitors each month, but that’s not why you should use it. If you’re in a B2B market, you’ll find it interesting that unlike most other apps, SlideShare’s main demographic is B2B users. One of the other benefits of creating a presentation is to get an inbound link from the app’s website (which Google loves). And, it allows you to capture leads too. They also offer back-end analytics to help you find out who’s accessing your info, referring sites and your most popular presentations.

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is great photo-editing tool if you have no design skills and don’t want to invest in a graphics designer just yet. Several businesses are using it to create their Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest updates as well as visual content for their blog posts. You also get access to ad-free editing, more fonts and textures in their Royale (pro) version at $4.99 a month.

4. Vis.me

If you’re not sure which type of visual content to create and want to dabble into several types before you pick one, Vis.me is your go-to app. The free version allows you to create call-to-action banners, presentations, infographics, demos, websites, charts and graphs to name a few things. It’s pretty much a granddaddy of all things visual and perfect if you’d rather have one tool to do it all.

5. Pixlr

The beauty of Pixlr is that it lets you choose your usage level and gives you three options. Pixlr Express is for those who are after a photo-editing tool that has cropping and red-eye removal-like options embedded into the app. Pixlr-o-matic is for those who love filters (think Instagram) and want to make their digital images look even more beautiful. Pixlr Editor is for an advanced user who wants the full-blown option of image editing (think Adobe Photoshop).

6. Over

Over is a $1.99 iOS app that lets you add text to photos. It’s perfect for inspirational quotes, creating memes to your images.

7. Recite

Recite is a pretty exciting app that lets you “turn a quote into a masterpiece”. You can use their pre-formatted templates and create images for your blog, websites as well as social media updates. The best part? It’s free.

8. Screenr

Your visual content does not have to be about images only – videos can convert an online visitor very well. Combining video with a full page add increases engagement by 22%. Screenr is a web-based screen recorder to create screencasts without having to install any additional software. Plus, it’s totally free.

9. Visual.ly

This tool lets you search for amazing infographics, research data and create your own. The site aggregates great story visualizations in the form of infographics from all around the web and brings them together n one place, almost like a search engine.

10. ToonDoo

If you want to experiment with comic strips and cartoons (just like Google did when they launched Chrome), try ToonDoo. ToonDoo like to describe themselves as “world’s fastest way to create cartoons”. They have got a range of characters you can use, including some celebrities. It’s pretty simple to embed your cartoons in your website or share them over social media.

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