10 Beautiful BestInDesign Templates

There are freebies and then there are freebies. The free templates we discovered at www.BestInDesignTemplates.com surely qualify for a ‘Best of the Web’ badge. See if you agree with our assessment . . . .

Templates not only are a time-saver, they’re a ‘creativity liberator’. You neither need to do the nitty-gritty of creating a graphics design document from scratch nor do you have to be well-versed in the technical aspects of layout design – those parts of the job are already done for you. This means that you can start realizing your vision as step one.

Your vision may include text/image layouts, fonts, paragraph/character styles, table/cell styles, block quotes, colour swatches, ‘bleed’, vector shadow, layers, and more. A few mouse clicks, several minutes of typing, some drag-and-drops, and presto! you’ve gone from template to advertising leaflet, or from template to annual report.

Talk about leaflets and reports, check out BestInDesign’s free tri-fold leaflet template and company report template. The latter allows you to concentrate on your figures and arithmetic; actual creation of an attractive report is a snap with this template.

They are far from the only free templates this site offers. We don’t know how they do it but they’ve got templates for Media Software Catalogue, Interactive Portfolio Resume, Estate Brochure, and several more; all available for free download!

With so many excellent free templates we wonder if anyone buys a template from these generous folks. If you’re wanting to start up the next IKEA, make a beeline for the inexpensive and professional Product Grid Catalogue. This 16-page, half-fold magazine template is ideal for creating a product catalogue with multiple image styles and anything from two to nine products per page. This is achieved by numerous layout styles pre-configured in the template – use one, use all.

The technically minded among you will be glad to know that most templates come with a PDF preview plus a CS2 interexchange .INX file. This means you can work with the templates even If you don’t have the latest InDesign version.

Thanks for reading this post on CreativeOverflow.net but we gotta tell you, if you get your templates from BestInDesignTemplates.com, it ain’t gonna be just ‘creative overflow’ – it’s gonna be creative overload! Happy Templating!

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