10 Chrome Extensions – Simple & Easy Ways to Manage Your Social Media

Social networking becomes important in our daily life. People use a lot of time in unlike types of social networking websites, and nearly all the internet venders and website owners are taking benefit of this magnificent marketing medium. In order to build social networking activities more comfortable, different types of extensions are being used for different web browsers.

Evernote Web Clipper:

When you browse any site, find some useful content, and wish to save, then Evernote will save it for you. Many people use Evernote for dissimilar purposes. User can save text, links, and images with a single click. It removes bookmark option used for saving URL. User can search through notes.
1. Evernote Web Clipper

Post to Tumblr:

Whether user is reading article or visiting an image and wish to add to Tumblr, he just have to do a right click of his mouse to add that article or image to Tumblr with this extension. User can select a text, this extension will post it on Tumblr, and user can access Tumblr blogs too.
2. Post To Tumblr

Bit.ly Shortener for Chrome:

Instead of Bit.ly, Third-party developer made this extension so user will not find support for any issues. If you are social addict, but want to share things cautiously, then this extension will shorten your posted URL and image at the time of posting to Facebook, Twitter. However, the main drawback is that user will not get an image of his post. This extension will not work on HTTPS due to security measures of chrome. User will have analysis of its link popularity.

Instagram for Chrome:

It makes easy for user to comment, like, and browse directly from your browser. It comes with full navigation, browse back page support, can click on any hash tag to browse through. In new version user will have video facility too. User can even search username and hashtags. User will have full navigation support with fixed bugs and a newly added following page.
4. Instagram for Chrome

Hover Zoom:

When a user float mouse on thumbnail image, there will be display a large image with a perfect vision. This extension does not support GIF format. User can use it on Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Flickr, and Amazon. User can enable and disable zoom option for specific sites.
5. Hover Zoom


It is a better extension for sharing content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also keeps track of your sharing, clicks, mentions, likes. User can schedule his tweets, updates with Buffer and can shorten URL with the help of Bit.ly. User can tweet directly from the twitter.com and can retweet later.
6. Buffer

Reddit Enhancement Suite:

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a set of tools to enhance the experience of Reddit website. User can set personal tastes and will get more information when he hover mouse over a username. Keyboard navigation will allow you to function more efficiently. Due to loading issue bitcoin Tip has been vanished from this extension. User can see the image without leaving page through added button in new version.
7. Reddit Enhancement Suite


If you frequently create accounts over the web, you need to remember the long tail passwords and in this case, LastPass will generate a unique password for you and save it for future use. A password manager is also acts as form filter makes your browser experience easier and secure. User can import and export from main password storage vendors like RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, etc.
8. LastPass

GChat Pix:

User can drag an image into Google Chat from the desktop and it will appear as a link added with message. All links will convert to clickable thumbnails. It is a simple image sender extension that we use Gmail for sending image to recipient.
9. GChat Pix


Suppose a person is surfing a website and finds any articles or video very interesting, but due to busy schedule, he likes to refer it later. Here, this Pocket extension become useful as user can send it to his mobile device for later refers. This extension is incorporated with Twitter and Google Reader (currently not available by Google). User can do a right click on page without need to load page first.
10. Pocket


With the help of these amazing extensions, users can use social media in a better way. Either user wish to share, like, comments he can have great extension that will easily and freely available with Chrome extension. Social media is now forming a new shape with these extensions and will help to augment the trend of social media by drawing more users.

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