10 Digital Posters and What I Think of Them

Each piece of art that is created has a meaning behind it. It is an idea that was formed in the head of the designer or artists and through his capabilities and talent he is able to bring that piece of art to life. I have rounded up 10 digital posters and written a few words about each of them. It is my personal opinion and there is no wrong or right to what is said. These different canvases will look great against a wall too, so poster printing is an option in this case.

Music can be seen in a lot of different ways. This poster makes me think of load music blasting from bass bins to create noise charts in which it disrupts the 3D effects behind the girl. The girl is floating in this poster and that immediately tells me that she is connected to the music she is listening and therefore floating around in her world. The composition of this poster not only hits you with a striking combination of effects and depth, but draws you in every time you look at it.

Hip Hop posters are usually very clean yet creates a pop effect that establishes authority wherever it is placed. It creates interest and therefore helps to get the word out that something is going down. The subtle tones uses in this poster, mixed with 3D placement and splatter brushed effects.

This is something different in comparison to the usual colour wheel we are used to. This poster pulls together all the colors we are used to seeing, but combines them to create a beautiful abstract piece that forms a strong focal point for the poster.

3D typography always looks good, but it takes something different to make the entire effect blend together and pop. This Electric feel poster does just that. It creates depth, a strong focal point, uses smooth color combinations and has you staring at the poster for quite a while the first time you look at it. It definitely does it’s job in promoting.

When looking for a Friday night party to attend, you usually hear from your friends where to go, but when you come across this poster; your hair stands up and builds excitement. It makes use of lighting effects with color combinations that compliment each other to such an extent that it promotes the event well. It shows you exactly where, how, what time and what it is without breaking the entire composition. This design is really put together well.

When looking at designs like this, people often pick up little manipulation mistakes quickly. However, with this piece perfection was the aim of the game. It conveys a strong musical message and has you looking three times before actually figuring out where what is, but that is part of it as the lighting effects are pulled off marvelously and compliments each part of the design. The depth is also amazing as you can establish distance for report.

There is a lot of speculation towards when the world will eventually end. People are coming to conclusions, but at the end of the day…no one really knows. Art work has popped up all over the internet and this one is part of it. When looking at this poster, there is a lot of thoughts that pop into my head. I feel a sense of excitement yet I have a feeling of uncertainty. The piece is very well put together though. The displacement effect finishes off the piece well and creates a strong focal point The subtle gradient filters also work nicely to pull together the entire piece. Will the world end soon? I don’t know!

Looking for a great concert to attend? Looking at this poster will not only get you hyped up for a night you won’t forget, but will leave a lasting impression to such an extent that you will want to the poster and even have it as a wallpaper on your phone or tablet. The colors used creates a striking composition of bold statements for the musicians and takes the brand across as a high-end, modern, hardcore brand that aren’t scared of anything.

This poster comes together great with its soft tone of grey and the depth created through stacking and shading. Using a very modern typography design for the title of the poster, it has the user look and concentrate on the poster and therefore succeeds in drawing in the viewer from the start. The attention to detail is also great considering the volumes of noise, effects and filters used.

This movie poster definitely invokes fear by the composition of colors, placement of characters and the depth created in this poster. When people are looking to go watch a horror movie, the first thing they do is look at the movie poster and if that doesn’t draw them in, why would the movie? This poster succeeds in drawing in the viewer and leaves them wondering what this movie is going to entitle.

Thank you for reading.

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: Jacquesvh.com - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest