10 Flickr Groups for Motion Photography That Will Inspire You

If you have a penchant for taking pictures, you’ve probably found yourself inspired and intrigued by the wonder that is motion photography. That’s no surprise: The ability to capture a stationary image of life in motion is certainly a skill to behold. If you want to produce the perfect moving image, these fascinating Flickr groups are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Motion Capture

Flicker’s Motion Capture group claims a modest 55 members, yet the small size of the group plays no reflection on the talent inside.

From this stunning use of colour taken by professional photographer Sade Williams for risque L’Autre Magazine, through to this amusing and artistic use of life in action, Motion Capture is a growing group that’s guaranteed to offer some much needed inspiration.

Motion Distortion

A group dedicated to the use of distortion in motion photography, Motion Distortion’s 400-odd members have grouped together to showcase their work and offer inspiration to those seeking a new dimension to the use of the camera.

Motion Distortion captures an image that is unseen by the naked eye, an almost third dimension if you will, and the aptly named Flickr group is rife with expert examples such as this.

Motion Minimalism

A group created around a similar ethos to Motion Distortion, Motion Minimalism is dedicated to the use of abstract photography techniques with a minimalist twist.

Stand-out photos include this breathtaking example of motion and its use in image distortion as well as this photo, that shows the potential impact of something as simplistic as Christmas lights.

Deliberate Motion Blur: The Best of the Movers and Shakers

Unlike many motion photography groups, Deliberate Motion Blur is a group exclusive to the intended rather than the accidental showcase of image in motion.

Whether this results in a higher caliber of photos is down to debate but its 2000 plus members are a testament to the need for a more discriminative selection.

See here and here for some truly inspiring images.

In Motion – Motion Blurred

As recommended by Deliberate Motion Blur , Motion Blurred is a group that doesn’t discriminate against how or why your photo became blurred, it simply celebrates all things distorted.

However, this in no way reflects the standard of images on show: try this thought-inspiring photo from the 2012 Chinese New Year dragon parade in Philadelphia, and this action filled image for starters.

Motion Design

As the only video focused group on our list, Motion Design shines as a forum for those with a passion for design, creativity and movement.

Showcasing both hand-drawn and digital art along with everything from flip-books to 3D animation, Motion Design is bound to stimulate the creative streak in every viewer.

Stopping Motion – Freezing Life in It’s Tracks!

A group with a little bit of a difference to its theme, Stopping Motion is free of blurred pictures and distorted images. Instead, Stopping Motion celebrates the world in motion by freezing it.

This thirst-quenching photo and this fusion of color and movement capture the essence of the group perfectly.

Poetry in Motion

By integrating the use of another art-form, Poetry in Motion is home to some truly beautiful and poetic images.

Both this and this cleverly integrate art within art and demonstrate with stunning composure how photography does not have to be a lone art form, and instead can be merged beautifully with music, poetry, painting and even dance.


Whilst this innovative group is dedicated to photographs showing exceptional use of light, it also succeeds in offering examples of how light can be used to distort images from the ordinary into the weird and wonderful.

See this image of a man walking for instance. While there is nothing unusual or particularly inspiring about the subject of the image, the use of light has transformed the picture into something of an almost mystical quality.

Lights and Shadows

In line with the theme above, Lights and Shadows focuses on how light in all forms can impact the photos we take.

For instance, this picture shot in the rather unassuming location of an airport uses the combination of natural and artificial light to great effect, while this photo relies on light, shadow and reflection to capture a stunning image of a simplistic subject.

Inspired to try your own hand at motion photography?

Great! Be prepared to embark on an incredibly rewarding hobby that will allow you to immerse yourself in some (or all) of the communities above. However, remember that motion photography is not easy – it’s an art that takes time to perfect and great effort to attain that ‘perfect’ shot. To get you started though, here’s a great article from Digital Photography School.

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