10 Free Design Resources that are Useful

Having a bunch of great designing resources at your disposal can save you a lot of time and money. Pre-developed web templates helps you to avoid developing each and every element from scratch and also assists in significantly cutting down project costs. There are a number of such useful design resources that can prove to be a boon for web designers and should be used every now and then while starting with new web projects. Some of the design resources are as follows:

1. Superlative UI kit

This UI kit is nothing short of a life saver. Using this UI kit you can sculpt some pretty neat websites catering to the fashion industry, music and arts, modern UI and great restaurants. The kit makes use of minimalistic design that not only makes the website appealing to your audience but also makes it clean and clutter free. The kit can be instantly downloaded and comes with full commercial license.

2. Stylish logo set

A logo is a really important component as it signifies a brand. This stylish logo set consists of 6 different logos that can relate to various industries such as hotel & spas, medical and health care, fashion industry, to name a few. These logos can be instantly downloaded in different formats and can be edited according to your needs and requirements.

3. Responsive WordPress template

Using this template you can design a website with utmost ease. This responsive template flaunts liquid design and comes with a number of interactive sliders. Also the themes of the website can be customized with 7 pre-determined color themes. The template is integrated with various social media accounts which makes sharing your website content relatively easy on various social networking platforms. Also this template is fully compatible with various WordPress plugins thus further reducing the development time.

4. Business vector badges

This set of 16 vector badges are the must have design elements for every e-commerce and auction website. These high quality badges have a vintage look & feel to it and can be used to depict the originality, authenticity and quality of various products. These badges provides a lot of valuable information about various products and also enhances the overall look & feel of the websites.

5. Responsive one page template

One page websites are the current market trend, given it’s user appeal and usefulness. Using this one page template you can create a complete, elegant one page website fully with an overall responsive design. It supports XML based portfolio and comes with multiple licenses, which can be used over personal as well as commercial projects.

6. Social media icons

Social media icons are an integral part of every website. Integrating your website with various social media platforms are really essential to spread the word about your website and also to draw a lot of new customers. But including the same orthodox social icons has turned into a monotonous practice and with these 48 free social icons you can give a new twist and add a certain character to your website. These icons are easy to work with and can be utilized for commercial as well as personal projects.

7. Banner rotation widget

Banner rotation widget improves the efficiency of your website by judiciously using the space of your website. This widget can be used to rotate ads, site information as well as display product information and videos. The widget is completely responsive and can support unlimited images and videos.

8. High resolution vector icons

This set consists of over 100 high resolution vector icons. These icons can prove to be useful to specify site navigation, implement navigation, for payment gateway and even to share content over various social networking platform. These icons can be downloaded in various formats and can be utilized for personal as well as commercial purposes.

9. Wedding & edge PSD templates

These PSDs are useful to design one page website and also to sculpt marriage invitation page. The template adopts minimalistic approach thus rendering a neat and clean website UI. These psds can also be used to showcase your portfolio and are completely responsive.

10. iPad Air mockups

This freebie consists of a light weight yet high quality iPad Air mock ups. It successfully depicts the user interface of an iPad Air and can be used in various e-commerce sites and also prove to be useful in various cloud testing sites.

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