10 Ideas to Creatively Use Photography in Interior Design

There are two types of interior design trends: those that come and go seasonally, leading to a need for occasional updates, and those that are general concepts that remain “in,” no matter what. When you are coming up with a motif for a room, it is always a good idea to have a mix of both. The core of your design should be timeless, with those seasonal trends easily replaced or changed when you feel it is time for something different.

One timeless decoration that holds as much sentimental value as it is functional is the photograph. Capturing special moments and loved ones or just scenes of beauty relevant to the photographer, a photograph is a wonderful item to have in your home, whether they are prints from a professional, portraits of family or shots captured by yourself. Here are 10 ways that you can better integrate photos into your home for any purpose.

1. Mugs and Kitchenware

I know someone who has an entire set of mugs, one for each member of the family with a picture of them on the front. It sounds a little kitschy, but it is actually a fun way to bring a little personal touch – and pep – to your morning beverages. I have also seem mugs that have pictures taken of beautiful scenery, which can be nice to look at when you wake up and are having that first mug of coffee or tea. They are easy to have made, and almost any printing company local or online will have this service for you to take advantage of. Some will even do full wrap around pictures that cover the entire mug, or let you customize them. If you want a cheap way to do this you may want to check out eBay. There are a number of sellers that handle custom mug design for an affordable price, or wholesale.

2. Fridge Magnets

Another fun little item for the kitchen, a refrigerator magnet or sticker is an easy way to decorate your kitchen without taking up counter space. It is also highly functional, allowing you to put up items on the refrigerator like bill notices, print newsletters, invitations, list and even children’s pictures. They are usually cheaper than make then mugs, but offered through the same kind of company. Most will offer you a choice in sizes, but keep in mind that the larger, flat magnets might not hold as well as the other types. That is why having a thicker magnet is always better.

3. Prints on Clothing

I would probably stay away from putting a picture of a person on a t-shirt unless there is a specific reason. But other photographs go well on clothing, such as places or objects. I have seen some people take pictures of bands and concerts and use them on the back of hoodies or jackets. But finding a place that will do more than T-shirts can be a little difficult. Ultimately, you want to find a place that offers custom clothing design.

4. Bedding

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that photo bedding equals the same as custom bedding. The latter is quite expensive, costing in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to make. But the former is a unique style of printing that has become much more popular in recent years. You can find throw pillows, sheet sets, blankets, duvet covers and even towels and shower curtains. The pricing it usually between $25 and $200, depending on what it is you order. Try companies like FotoBed and VisionBedding, two well known suppliers in the market.

5. Calendars

You don’t see so many traditional calendars anymore, which is to be expected. Technology has offered us much more efficient and feature heavy options for people who need to keep their time organized. But they are still a great way to decorate, and a nice throwback to the days of old when we would circle important dates with red pens and eagerly count down the days. You can make your own custom calendars using any photographs you like. You can also just print out photo-topped month sheets to hang up that can work just as well. But you will want to have a high-resolution photo printer to get the right effect.

6. Bags

Eco-friendly consumers have been using cloth bags for ages to cut down on the waste of paper and plastic while shopping. But you can make custom bags with photos that are more attractive and trendy. These are great to hang around the house when not in use, making it a part of the decor along with a functional item you with use regularly.

7. Photo Wallpaper

This is somewhat new, as most options are more like painted murals that come on wallpaper that is adhesive and easy to apply. But several companies have started doing custom photo wallpaper, which is really cool. You can do it on one wall or all around a room, and some have even taken the time to place them on their ceiling. Since they come in black and white or color, the effect can be dramatic and fascinating. A couple of companies that make this wallpaper are Atom Prints and Murals Your Way.

8. Clocks

Because of digital photo frames it has become much easier to have photo clocks. Able to switch the picture when you like or use a slideshow, phot clocks are a cool way to display photos along with the time. Coby has a decent and affordable one that comes in red, white, black or blue. If you would prefer a more traditional frame, you can go for this Barnes & Noble 12 photo collage frame with a center clock. Of course, with a simple clock making kit from a craft store you can make a clock out of any photo you like.

9. Handmade Frames

An easy way to create a personal touch for any home is by making handmade frames for your photos. Try upcycling to make them nice and environmentally friendly. You can us any materials from old wood to milk cartons. The web is full of instructions.

10. Collage

Finally, you have one of my favorite methods, which is a photo collage. Taking numerous photos you can cut out the subject and place them on a piece of cardboard, a poster or a tack board.


If you are looking for ideas for an interior decorating job, photos can do wonders. What are some of your ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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