10 Inspirational Design Blogs to follow

I follow more than 200 Blogs via Feeds and I must say among those you just get those blogs that really stand out. Blogs that post a variety of things from Articles to Inspirational posts to tutorials and resources. I love seeing people working hard to keep things going and being the best that they can be.  Here is 10 Inspirational Design Blogs you should definitely keep a eye on.

1. Abduzeedo


Abduzeedo is a great blog that has  a very active team behind it all. They post Inspiration, Tutorials, Interviews, case studies and many more.
Follow them on twitter at:Abduzeedo on Twitter or AbdzNews on Twitter

2. Noupe


Noupe has recently just had their brand new redesign and is looking better than ever. They are definitely one of the top blogs to follow if you are a Freelance Designer.
Follow them on twitter at:  Noupe on Twitter

3. SmashingMagazine


Smashingmagazine is blog that is a definite read for every Freelancer around. Sharing tons of information and resources to give you the headstart.
Follow them on twitter at: Smashingmagazine on Twitter

4. Webdesigner Depot


Webdesigner Depot is one of those blogs that leaves a lasting impression by just checking out their frontpage. Think of what awesome content they have if they have a frontpage like that.

Follow them on twitter at: Webdesigner Depot on Twitter

5. GoMediaZine


You might know Gomedia via their awesome vector packs that they sell, or their apparel mockups. They have a blog that showcases inspiration and tutorials as well as articles that explain different things in the design world.

Follow them on twitter at: GoMedia on Twitter

6. PsdTuts+


PsdTuts+ a site not to be missed if you want to improve your Photoshop skills and knowledge. Offering Free Tutorials as well as a Subscribers section for the more Detailed Tutorials. Interviews with top artists are also posted by them.

Follow them on twitter at: Psdtuts+ on Twitter

7. SixRevisions


Sixrevisions a blog that serves is with great web tutorials and Articles that will leave you wanting more.

Follow them on twitter at: Sixrevisions on Twitter

8. ColorBurned


Amazing blog with awesome resources and posts. They also have quite a few Contests around usually with great prizes and features.

Follow them on twitter at: Colorburned on Twitter

9. Blog.Spoongraphics


Chris Spooner’s Blog that is updated a lot with awesome articles and tutorials ranging from Vectors to print.

Follow them on Twitter at: Chris Spooner on Twitter

10. Web Design Ledger


One stop resource Shop containing loads of valueble information and resources.

Follow them on twitter at: Webdesign Ledger on Twitter

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