10 Must Have Magento Extensions

Magento has come up to be a leader in the world for setting up and running online stores of different kinds and till now, more than 1 25 000 online stores have been set up using this platform. Magento provides its users with every feature possible but there are times when everything cannot be worked out, and for this we have the Magento extensions available in high number and excellence in their usability and features. The success of Magneto has been unprecedented and this is the reason why, a number of good developers around the world have contributed in making it an even better in terms of the extensions which are available for this platform.

There is an extension of everything you might need in your business and these extensions are available widely and that too free of cost, and they are working with all the versions of Magento available right now. Because there are so many in numbers, not all of them are great, however few of the extensions are unbeatable and prove to be helpful to all kinds of businesses. Mentioned below are a few of the most useful Magento extensions which cannot be ignored and must be used to make Magento an even better eCommerce platform for setting up your store.

Magentix-The Magento Recycle Bin

Deleting products by mistake is one of the most annoying and time consuming mistakes which people make while handling their eCommerce stores and this extension does exactly what you want it to do. This extension is a life saver when you do not have the time and patience to reload the product you deleted by mistake as it just puts the deleted product in the recycle bin and all you got to do is to restore it. This free extension keeps all the deleted files in the admin interface and it depends on you if you want to restore it or delete it permanently.


If there is internet being used, then SPAM has to be around somewhere, and it can be disastrous for any site, leave alone eCommerce sites which are highly affected by it. This free extension helps you fight it by protecting your various forms like ‘Send to Friend’, ‘Contact Us’ ‘Product Review’ etc.

Google Content API for Shopping

If you have an eCommerce website in place then you probably are aware of the importance that SEO and Google search rankings hold in the popularity and success of your business. This extension allows you to migrate your eCommerce store to Google’s new API which means now your product and catalogue information will show up when someone searches for your name or keyword related to your product or service. Considering the advantage it has when it comes to optimization, this free extension is a must have for your Magento account.

Mouse over Zoom

This is another basic, free of cost extension which takes away the very few shortcomings of Magento and replaces them with a better feature. The default zoom of Magento is not liked by a lot of people and this extension allows you to view a zoomed picture of the product in a box on the right side, just by taking the mouse pointer over it.

Exploded Menu

Do you have multiple products to sell with high numbers of categories to be put on in the menu? If yes then this extension is perfect for you. It not only makes your page look better by taking away the boring drop down menus, this extension also makes it simpler for people to select and look through the different categories and products. Another good part about this extension- it is completely free.

Follow Up Email

This is an extension which helps you keep in touch with your customers in the best way possible. This powerful auto-responder extension is an optimal customer relationship tool which helps you reach out to the customer in such a way that you stay on their mind at all times. It helps you keep a track of your customers and sends them emails regarding your site. This $199 extension is highly useful for a better relationship with present and ex customers and can be easily integrated with the Magento Module.

Magento Live Chat

With new age eCommerce sites with picture and high competition, every eCommerce site owner is doing everything they can to make sure that they are able to cater to their customers problems complaints suggestions and feedback in the best way possible, and to do this there can be nothing better than the option of live chat. Live chat enables the user to directly talk to the representative and explain to them their problems and this extension does just that for you. Not only it is free of cost, it is very simple and interactive and aims at increasing customer satisfaction by improving your website. Not only that, this extension is easy to install and doesn’t require any registration forms before installation.

Magento WebForms

WebForms are an integral part of any eCommerce website present and a number of forms are needed depending on the needs and the size of different sites. This free extension allows the user or the developer to create custom web forms exclusively for their platform. All you got to do is install it and then create various forms like Contact us, Comment forms, feedback forms, Complaints and suggestions, and other according to customized needs of your business. It also allows you to use the forms which you created as widgets on pages, making the job much simpler.

Magento C3 Invoice Improver

This is another basic extension which caters to the problem which comes up while you are dealing with the invoices. This free extension enhances the format of your invoices and provides you with added features of using different data like Order Data, Invoices Data, Due Data and others. This extension is easy to use and very simple to understand, and helps you in making your job less complicated.

Daily Deals

This simple extension allows you to add zeal to your website, by letting you add daily deals on your Magento eCommerce site and making it more interactive. You can showcase different deals everyday and attract more customers with the help of discounts.

These 10 extensions are wide ranging and cover most aspects of what an eCommerce website could need and thus, are must haves for your online website. They are not only cost friendly but will help in managing your site in a much easier manner, which will ultimately help in increasing sales as well as customer satisfaction.

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