10 Reasons to be a Happy Designer Today (Hint: Freebies Inside!)

Sitting idle browsing through random channels on a Sunday? Why not take some time out to check out our 10 resourceful freebies that can be a saving grace for some (we promise it would be a lot and not just some) of your upcoming projects?

From web marketing templates to colorful typeface, these freebies are a complete must-have. Download them all!

Free Invoice Template in HTML with Auto Calculations


Sending an invoice is the happy part of doing any business. But most freelancers (and even some companies) completely ignore the layout. The result is a jumbled mess of information and unclear number.

With this invoice template you not only maintain a more professional look with aligned text and impressive layout, but the information can be sectioned to show cost breakup. The total amount due is highlighted and there’s no need for manual entry of basic information.

And that’s not all. The auto calculation part ensures cent percent accuracy and the HTML format makes editing and sending the invoice relatively hassle-free.

Free Download

Beautiful TriColore Scalable Free Typeface


Colorful is good unless you love noir. The tricolored typeface gives you the creative freedom to do more than just use them as font. Use them in infographics and brochures or in the backdrop of a befitting web page, you are spoilt for choice.

Since this is a typeface and if you want to use them as fonts to write with, a basic vector editing app should help with that. Also, the typeface is free for personal and commercial usage except in case of reselling.

Free Download

48 free social media icons


Just like social media websites are the most frequented, social media icons too are the most popular icon set in blog and web designing. What can you do with this set of 49 social media icons you may ask?

Well for starters, you can really have fun with it! Put them to bring a colorful freshness to a website or include them in brochures and invites. Icons are versatile in usage and social media icons are no different. This addition to your resources would prove helpful in a lot of projects. The 32 pixel images are available in two formats: .PSD and .PNG.

Free Download

Vector Stars Pack


Here’s a Star Wars pack, okay it’s a Vector Stars pack that mightn’t feature light sabers or a trip to the Death Star but it’s packed with classic and contemporary styled stars that comes handy when you are building websites for clients. There’s an indispensible need for stars for websites with a feedback rating system.

The stars can also be featured on the background of web pages or be included in brochures, adverts and posters. As an instantly downloadable vector pack, this set of stars is available in .AI .EPS .GIF and .PSD formats.

Free Download

35 Thin Line Icons


Versatility could well be a synonym for line icons. These are so widely used that it’s easy to miss out on them. From battery icons to arrows, these thin line icons visually communicate the message in the most minimalistic way.

If you work a lot on graphic designing, you can create a nuanced visual by subtly including these icons. Churn your creative juices and find a perfect fit for the icons. Either way don’t forget to stock up on these line icons for future use.

Free Download

Add Magic to Your Photos with 8 Free Photoshop Actions


There’s more to a picture than correct lighting or ISO sensitivity. In fact what dramatically influences the end result is not a well-shot picture but a well-edited one. That’s what transitions a fairly good picture to a breathtaking one.

And you can do all of that with just a few clicks. Check out the 8 Photoshop actions for ulterior photo manipulation to bring out the best in every click. Enhance your picture or age them, there’s a lot to be done.

These actions are available in two variants- for both Photoshop (CS 4+) and Photoshop (PSE11+).

Free Download

Hipster & Retro Icon Set


Love it or hate it, the hipster trend is here to stay. The 60s black-rimmed glasses to tasteful hats and macho beards, chances of you using this set of hipster and retro icon are high. Include them in themed party invites or channel Hendrix or Lenon in your next blog post on these legends.

The hand drawn vectors come in a multitude of variety to make up for the complete picture. Your clients will love this addition to their similar themed website. Licensed for commercial and persona, usage, there are in total 47 different icons.

Free Download

33 Web Marketing Templates


Whether yours is a startup or an established e-commerce business, there’s no way you can undermine the importance and influence of web marketing. From harnessing the potential of Instagram through visually attracting prospect to connecting with the industry’s who’s who on LinkedIn, there is a growing need to get your web marketing strategies right.

And if you are some with zero to limited knowledge of web marketing and its domino effect on your sales, these web marketing templates will both give you the requisite knowledge to go about strategizing web marketing procedures plus it will do most of the work for you.

The brainchild of Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins, the set contains 33 templates in total.

Free Download

Seamless Pack of Vector Patterns


The right pattern can up the quotient of any background. Use these vector seamless patterns to create the perfect web page, henna inspired borders, theme invites, printed cards, and even for fabric printing.

An effortless way to beautify your work and thrill your clients! The patterns – available in 78 different designs- are up for instant download.

Free Download

Free UI Kit with a stylish and modern look


More like a cheat sheet to creating the perfect user interface when you’re bogged with work. Save time without compromising on either the aesthetics or the functionality.

The UI kit comes equipped with all the basic requirements such as blogging, typography, service and requirements and so much more. All you need to do it just add to cart and download via the link that will be mailed to you.

Free Download

Happy Freebie Day!

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