10 Ways A Designer Can Make some Extra Money

Being a Full-Time designer can be tough at times, you get times where clients just don’t have the money to pay you right away or you go through a patch where you don’t have enough client work to keep your bills paid and may even have to rely on credit cards from the UK.

However, there is a solution, a few in fact. Designers are creative people who love to create things, so why not create things and put them to good use? I have listed 10 Ways a Designer can make some Extra Money each month, putting in effort towards these different things can get you pretty far and well known in the design industry and it will definitely earn you some extra money.

Sell Stock Photography Online

If your’re a designer I am sure you have a camera, so why not put it to good use then. Go out and take some photos of things or places, their are loads of things you can take pictures of, just use your imagination. When taking the photos think of shots that you would purchase to use for a design or get printed at a Printing Company, the idea is to photograph something useful that everyone would be able to use. You can Sell Stock Photography Online via some of the services I have listed below:







These are just 3 Sites I mentioned where you can sell Stock Photos Online.

Start your own blog

Now you might be wondering how does making money involve having your own blog? The truth is you see thousands of blogs on the net, you even check out some of them daily for news and inspiration or new resources. Do you think these guys blog for free? No, some of the top blogs make tons of cash each year by just blogging. The way guys make money out of blogging is via Advertising, Google Ad sense, Affiliate Linking, Text ads and more. You might be thinking you can’t generate a lot of money through just advertising, think again Techcrunch.com generates about $200,000 Monthly through Advertising Banners. Check out What Top Blogs Earn for a general idea of what the popular bloggers make in the the industry. Looking at those stats just shows you that there is so much open potential in the blogging-sphere, yes of course it will take a lot of dedication and determination to achieve half of what the top blogs have achieved but, everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start right now? I have listed a few guides below that will guide you in the right direction to start your own blog.

IncomeDiary – Guide to Creating your First Profitable Blog

Profitable blog

Encourage Blogging – Starting your First Blog


ProBlogger – Starting your First Blog? 29 Tips, Tutorials and Resources for new Bloggers


There is a lot of Blogs around the net that offer advice to start up bloggers, I just found these more useful than the others.

Design Themes or Templates and Sell Them

Web Designers will thrive in this section, why not design a custom theme or template and sell it via a online store? There are a lot of guys designing simple templates and selling them online and making a few extra bucks each month that pay off small things and then their are some guys that make a living out of selling Themes and Templates. Its a pretty big market out their with a lot of talented people but,  Put in some effort into the themes you design and I can give you my word, you will be well rewarded. The popular Theme Market Places I have Listed below where you can Buy and Sell Themes and Templates.







There are still a lot of sites out their where you will be able to sell templates and themes.

Create Icons, Psd Templates, Vectors and Sell Them

The typical graphic designer uses icons on a regular basis, now for those designers that don’t have the time to design their own icons, they purchase their icons from Graphic Market Sites, this includes Layered Psd Templates, Vectors, Illustrations you name it. Thing is their are so many designers world wide that buy premium resources from graphic market sites that if your items were to sell often you would generate a fairly large revenue. Could it hurt to take some extra time and create a few decent items and put them up for sale on a market site? I don’t think so, just put in some effort and your set to sell some items, you can just leave the items on sale and see what happens with them from there.







Their are other places to sell your resources too.

Write Tutorials for Tutorial Sites

How about that, you get paid to write a tutorial for a tutorial site. You just have to remember that they don’t accept every tutorial that comes their way, it has to be unique and high quality to get published by the authors of the site. Their are numerous sites out their that you could write for and get paid by but, I will only be listing the top three paid Tutorial Sites. The Tutsplus network has a few category sites that you can write tutorials for and all of them pay the same, I will only be listing Psdtuts in this section though. You can access the rest of the Tutsplus Network sites via these Tutsplus links. Check out the Tutorial sites below and get writing.

Tutorial9 – $150 – $300 per Tutorial Published


PsdTuts – $150 per Tutorial Published


Gomedia – up to $300 per Tutorial Published


Like I said Tutsplus has other categories too and there are a lot of other blogs that pay for tutorials too.

Write Articles for Other Blogs

This is one way to stay updated and make some cash and get known around the blogging industry. You should see if you are able to get a few articles published with top blogs, you name will spread like wildfire if your article is really worth the read and contains some killer advice and content. There are tons of blogs that allow guest posting and pay for you to write for them, can it get much easier than that? Choose your niche that you would want to write for. Do some research on the top blogs in that niche and write a few articles, by few I mean 3 or 4. Take your time with the articles and do some quality research, make the article worth a read. Supplying a blog with a decent well planned article has a almost 100% chance of getting posted, and if the article gets posted you get some money. I would recommend guest blogging as it doesn’t only get your name out their, it also generates a lot of traffic for your blog or website that you have. I listed 3 Blogs below that pay for quality articles. There are much more blogs out their that pay for quality content, so don’t just get stuck with these 3.







A good article to check out for paying blogs is – 26 Sites that pay you to blog

Provide Training and Write How-To’s

There are a lot of people out there that are interested in what we do as designers and would pay large amounts of cash to learn and develop skills like we have. Why not offer Training programs to people that want to learn how to use photoshop or illustrator, what could be more beneficial than teaching others skills that you know? They will gain more respect towards you once they see what you actually have to know to even start in this field. We aren’t talking about respect at this moment its just a mentioned fact. You could train people or you could Write How-To’s for different websites that pay you to explain how to do certain things in certain situations. The sites you could write for are listed below.







There are a lot of How-To Networks you just have to search for them and post away.

Write a E-Book and Sell it Online

You must probably think what am I on about now, well if you have some spare time everyday take that time and write yourself a e-book that explains how to setup a complete blog from start to finishing, including the smaller details. You could do that or you could write a book about SEO, how to double your monthly traffic by using a few simple tips from the e-book. You can write about anything really, just do your research and make sure you write something worth reading in the end. Bringing out your own e-book won’t only generate income for you it will build up a great following of subscribers and twitter followers etc. I have listed 3 posts below that will help you out with the e-book matter.

Probusinessmatter.com – Write an E-Book in 14 Days


Copyblogger.com – How to Write an Ebook that Sells in 2009


Remarkablogger.com – How to write an E-book that doesn’t Suck


The Internet is full of guides explaining how to write E-books, if you aren’t satisfied google is your friend.

Explore Job boards

Exploring job boards could be of great help to you, their are so many in the design industry with so many jobs, that you won’t be bored sifting through. You have Blogging Job Boards, Design Job Boards, Social Media Job Boards and more. The thing about job boards are that you can decide for what job you want to pitch or apply for which makes it really useful when deciding what you want to do at the time. The services on the different boards are also clearly marked out and displayed with awesome layouts. Getting new jobs on job boards doesn’t only mean extra cash, you are building a relationship with another client that could refer you to others in the future, “If you did a good job of course.”

Problogger – Blogging Job Board


Freelanceswitch – Design Job Board


Coroflot – Design Job Board


There are a lot of job boards online just look for them.

Resell Hosting Services

There are a ton of services available that will allow you to resell hosting. You can easily have this as an addon to your customers and make a profit each month or a one time upfront kickback. You want to be careful with this though, taking on reseller hosting will add extra work for you if you are offering it as your hosting. If the site goes down or there is some other hosting-related trouble you had better be prepared to provide that customer service or you could ruin your relationship with your client for something that is beyond your control. I have listed 3 Hosting Solutions below that are really reliable resellers.

Site5.com – Reseller Hosting


Greenresellerwebhosting.com – Reseller Hosting


Hostgator.com – Reseller Hosting


There are hundreds of hosting services out there, these are just my top 3.

That concludes my 10 Ways A Designer Can Make Some Extra Money, hope you enjoyed it see you in the comments.

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Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: Jacquesvh.com - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest

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    how i can promove my gifs

    • Reply An1ken October 23, 2009 at 2:00 AM

      Are you asking how can you promote you gifs? As in Photos?

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    Great post! This is a great resource of information for graphic designers who wants to earn more and make the most of their talents and love for art.

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    Love it! Great post.
    You can easily make enough money to not have to work a 9-5. Lots of people are making over 100k a year on sites like istockphoto, activeden, etc… You just have to be dedicated. The great thing about sites like istockphoto is the money keeps coming in even if your not doing anything. I haven’t submitted a photo there in over a year, yet I still am making a good amount of money.
    If your going to go the blog route, make sure you don’t quit. It takes a while to gain a good amount of traffic. Promotion is key.

    • Reply An1ken October 24, 2009 at 7:58 AM

      Yea I totally agree bro, Passive income is the way to go in the long term. Submitting items to market sites that will give you revenue even though you aren’t doing anything else. The thing that a lot of people don’t get, is how easy it actually is to design something decent and sell it. Not only do you create exposure and promotion for yourself and website/s you give other people what they need for a decent amount. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it a lot.

  4. Reply David Arias October 24, 2009 at 3:14 AM

    Probably a few others worth mentioning is:
    01 design fonts and sell them
    02 design tee’s and sell them
    03 design + print posters and sell them
    04 design + self-publish a book, mag, zine and sell them

    • Reply An1ken October 24, 2009 at 8:00 AM

      Yea, there is quite a few other options that once could mention too. Will probably do another post sometime soon.

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    I’d better to choose the photography one to make extra income as I love photography, thanks for the idea. I haven’t thought of this before.

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    • Reply An1ken October 25, 2009 at 1:41 PM

      Remember you are working in Quantity not Price, so say its $10 for a single license, the Multiple license will be $200 or something, but Sell a Few hundred and your covered. Thats the overall point of things. Time is of the essence you are right but, putting that aside you can see these are personal work pieces that you just put up for sale.

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    • Reply An1ken October 26, 2009 at 3:04 PM

      There are a lot of posts out their that truly just talk a load of nonsense.
      Those posts are written by guys that don’t have experience in the field and just want to put out ideas/tips for people to crunch on. The thing is it leads so many people down the wrong path. Its the same with all the posts about Make $1000000 in your first year, all that you have to do is subscribe to this newsletter for $1 and we will send you the content on how to produce these results. Yes the guy selling the content is making stacks of money but, the buyer isn’t?

      People shouldn’t base their full income off of market sites, its a great bit of extra income though, especially when you get noticed in the field.

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    You can offer your clients an additional service, keep them coming back to you for reorders and of course make more money!

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    If you go for the blogging route there are other ways in which you can make some extra cash including google adsense, but thats a whole other post right there :)

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