11 Beautiful Minimalistic Websites

The trend in web design has been hovering over minimalism for quite some time now. The vast majority of new sites popping up showcases ultra minimalism in the format of subtle color use, clean and thin lines and beautiful cover pieces of information for their intended client/reader base. The website that I have listed below does just that. They communicate their raw transcript to pull your attention where it is needed and then showcases their product at hand.

Night Owl Interactive

Our clients spend a lot of time with the Night Owls as well as in our studio. We’ve poured our hearts into building a space and a team that welcomes new ideas and promotes clear communication. To design and develop great websites, you have to have talent and you have to speak your mind. That makes projects go smoother and makes lunch more interesting too.


We’re a team of 57 passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to make exceptional digital products and platforms with our clients.

A Design Post

People, places, and things that are inspiring.


Chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis.

Unit Portables

We are surrounded by stuff. Computers, phones, cameras, iPods, iPads and a number of other great gadgets. Stuff that makes our private and professional universes work. Stuff that we need, love and want to keep close no matter if at home, at the of?ce or when travelling. And here comes the tricky part: as the number of gadgets grow and get more important, how can you keep them all close at the same time, especially when you’re on the move?

South Pole Creative

Design and code for print and screen. Elegant, strategic and to the point.

The Touch Agency

Touch is a creative agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our collective skills cover everything from brand identity, graphic design and copywriting to illustration and digital design, but at the heart of each project lies clear and effective communication.


Create your online portfolio without learning code. For free.


Mhou is a graphic and web design studio founded in 2008 by Mónica and Marc, and made up of a team of designers, developers and a great network of collaborators.

James Parker Digital Design

“I’m James, a web designer, frontend developer, and writer, living in the English countryside with my wife, and our dog Oscar”

Alessio Atzeni

Hello I’m Alessio Atzeni a hybrid designer and front-end developer based in Rome, Italy. I love to create beautiful, intuitive and functional design using the latest techniques with HTML / CSS / jQuery.

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