12 Awesome Free UI Kits

UI Kits are real time savers for busy designers. When some fantastic UI kits are available free of cost, it gives another compelling reason to use them. We bring you 12 free, useful and aesthetically pleasing user-interface kits that you would surely treasure as a designer.

1. Android-based UI kit

Android-based UI KIT
As the name suggests, this is a set of user-interface kit that is designed and created for the Android platform.

2. Modern Touch UI kits

Modern Touch UI KIT
In keeping with the latest fad on the web-designing front, this is fast becoming one of the popular UI kits that are available out there. Furthermore, this particular kit would probably be ideal for sites that are looking for a laid-back outlook: probably a holiday or vacation site or even a site for a spa or a skin-rejuvenating clinic!

3. Flat Design UI Contents

Flat Design UI Contents
This particular set includes pleasing components that are employed for creating websites and even applications; and the fact that each of the elements are available freely for editing makes it even more popular. They are also available in a single PSD file.

4. PSD freebie

PSD Freebie
Yet another freebie marketed by its creator, for unlimited and unrestricted usage.

5. Featherweight UI

FeatherWeight UI
Every single component of this particular set is based on vector principle and is also retina-ready. It is also distributed through layers, making the colours as well as the text free for use: both for commercial as well as personal use.

6. Kit of Responsive UI

KIT of Responsive UI
Another example of excellent and cleverly-executed UI design, based on the minimalistic principle. What is more is that you can even edit and customize the colours as per your preference.

7. Flat User-Interface Kit

Flat User Interface KIT
As the name clearly indicates, this is a responsive UI kit that will be very important and useful for site.

8. Perfect Jane

Perfect Jane
This is a UI kit designed by Igor Shkarin. Its full version includes many elements, such as: small sets of icons, sliders, forms and buttons; as well as round plus square ones.

9. Free Kit of UI

Free KIT of UI
Owned and created by Freepik.com, this kit promises to be neutral, that is understandable and merely providing a framework for the design that you have been working on. Unlike other UI kits, the elements here, do not end up dictating and force-guiding your direction of work, but merely flow along with your vision.

10. Tron UI Kit

An attractive and pleasing set of easy-to-use kit comprising useful user-interface elements. Its attractiveness may be gauged from the fact that it has already registered a record number of views that have converted into downloads.

11. User-interface UI dark kit

User Interface UI Dark KIT
This kit is a dark one that will surely give a boost to the designers in their quest of achieving the perfectly responsive website.

12. Clean UI kit

Clean UI KIT
As is clear from the name, this set of user-interface elements not only has all the features (including buttons and check-boxes, even radio-buttons), but is also clean and easy on the eyes. It also comes armed with a Photoshop PSD.

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