13 Movie Posters to Inspire You (I love #4)

Countless movies are produced yearly and with that comes movie poster designs. Not every movie design team produces a quality poster, but some are indeed extraordinary. I have taken some time to inspire you with quality movie posters that you can find from the past and the future. Posters have become a very big deal over recent years with poster shops being opened online that sells you anything you want.

Whether they are limited edition posters or mass produced, you can pretty much find anything you want online. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look at Posterlounge in order to educate yourself of what a poster shop looks like online.

So moving along, the movie poster inspiration that is available below will encourage you to perhaps look at designing your own series of movie posters as case studies for your portfolio or encourage you to go and see some movies sometime soon. These posters aren’t all the originals as produced by the studios, but will inspire you. You can look for more movie posters over at Behance.


call-me-king captain-america godzilla handmade-layer-cake handmade-nacho inglorious bastards movie-posters-1 movie-posters-2 hobbit Print bat 4


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