15 Impressive Tools for Creating Beautiful Presentations

Ever since MS PowerPoint revolutionized corporate and marketing communication in the early part of the millennium, presenting ideas through attractive slideshows has become a mandatory component of any successful and engaging presentation.

The effectiveness of any presentation relies heavily on the styling, structure and attractiveness of the slides that are being used to address the audience. This is why, over the years, marketers and communicators have focused heavily on bringing innovation and creativity in their presentations.

The internet age has added a completely unique dimension to this concept. There are many presentation designing tools now that can be accessed online for free. These tools have much greater flexibility, than the previously available desktop solutions, and give the users access to unlimited styling and designing options by integrating various online forums. Presentations can be useful for a lot of things; making a proposal, raising funds, getting a job, creating a website and much more. Also, this presents a lot of opportunity for you to make money by helping people create beautiful presentations if you’re a designer.

Here are 15 such online tools that can help you design beautiful presentations in quick time.

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1. EWC Presenter

Presenter by Easy WebContent is one of the most complete online presentation tools that you will come across. It’s a completely free tool that comes with beautiful presentation templates that can be customized according to your needs. To add further color to your presentations, you can choose from a wide range of objects like icons, shapes, images, infographics, charts and text designs. You can simply drag & drop these objects into your presentation slides and adjust their dimensions according your liking. Once you’re done with the presentation, simply publish it online or share it with your friends and social circles.

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2. 280 Slides

It’s a free online tool that lets you design attractive presentations with minimum fuss. You can either start a new project or upload an existing presentation on it. Apart from adding images, charts and other objects in your presentations, 280 Slides gives you all the necessary options and tools to make your presentations look beautiful.

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3. Vcasmo

Vcasmo gives you the ability to seamlessly create online multimedia presentations using images and videos, and gives you a comprehensive range of editing options and effects to make your presentations look stunningly beautiful. You can also embed your presentation on webpages or publish them on a mobile platform.

4. Spresent

Create ever-green flash based presentations using Spresent. Make your presentation more attractive by using the different animations and flash effects at your disposal or go one step ahead and import images and videos from Flickr or Youtube to create irresistible presentations. When you’re finally done, you can publish your presentations online or share them with your social circles.

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5. Prezentit

Apart from giving you the ability to create highly engaging online presentations, Prezentit also gives you the option to download your presentations so that you can use them in offline mode as well. The only drawback with this service is the 250 MB image storage limit.

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6. Prezi

Prezi is one of the most popular and user friendly online presentation designing toolsand helps you make amazingly engaging presentations in a very unconventional manner. You can either publish your presentations online or download them as executable files. Prezi comes with a lot of exciting features and offers both free and paid versions of its services.

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7. SlideShare

SlideShare is a leading presentation designing and sharing platform with millions of daily visitors. It offers you basic presentation designing options and also lets you upload ready-made presentations. SlideShare can be used both as a free or a paid service.

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8. MyBrainShark

MyBrainShark is a great online tool for corporate presentations. It offers a variety of presentation templates and effects that can help you create professional presentations very easily. You can also add your PowerPoint files or import images and videos to make your presentations more attractive.

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9. SlideBank

SlideBank is primarily a presentation sharing platform that lets you upload thousands of presentations and publish them online. It also gives you the option of creating new presentations or editing the existing ones using a variety of designing options.

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10. SlideRocket

SlideRocket lets you upload your existing presentations or create completely new presentations using its designing options. It also offers comprehensive backend analytics to give you the track of visitors who viewed or shared your presentation. You can also embed your presentations on a web page or share them using the public URL.


11. Creaza

Creaza offers a very user friendly set of presentation designing features that are perfect for young students, school children and teachers. Use it for storytelling or creatingattractive slideshows. It also offers a good variety of presentation templates and editing features, and lets you share your presentations online as well.

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12. Empressr

Upload your images and videos to create rich media presentations using Empressr. Not only does it offer a wide range of editing features, it also lets you import content from websites like Flickr to further beatify your presentations. You can also share the finished presentations via email or embed them into your website or blogs. It’s a very good tool for corporate presentations as well.

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13. Google Docs

Probably the most widely used service since it belongs to the search engine giants Google. It offers all the basic presentation designing features and also gives you the option to upload existing PowerPoint presentations and further modify them. The presentations can be shared as public or limited access files. Users with editing rights can also make changes to the presentations from different locations at the same time.

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14. Zoho Show

Another online presentation designing, editing and sharing platform that lets you create attractive online presentations with minimum fuss. You can start a completely new presentation or upload your existing PowerPoint presentations for further editing. The platform also gives you the option of sharing your presentations among your social networks or lets you embed them in your webpages.

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15. iPresent

iPresent is another rich media presentation designing tool that allows you to add images or videos to your presentations to make them attractive for the audience. You can also import existing PowerPoint presentations and modify them using a wide range of editing options. Presentations can be published as Html pages and can be embedded into your website and blog.


The key to productivity is to simplify your work with the right tools. When it comes to building a quick and functional website from scratch, you should consider tools like IMcreator and Easy WebContent. Likewise, tools like WordPress simplify so that you don’t have to spend countless time trying to make your blog work. The above are 15 great tools for creating beautiful presentations.

What are your favorite tools for creating presentations or your favorite presentation sharing websites? Please let us know in the comments!

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