15 Interesting Design Concepts

I don’t know what you do to get inspiration, but sometimes trying to come up with a feasible materialization for a dim idea is really hard. As an aspiring designer, I want to create things that will amaze people but will also be considered useful. So of course, I tend to look at how others are doing it, seeking inspiration. It’s not always easy to find those great ideas on the Internet, where kitsch is just one click away. Thank God we now have plenty of websites that collect and showcase the great ideas of the world. One such website is Design Faves, which presents the best and newest ideas in art, whether it’s architecture, design, photography or fashion.

What is cool about Design Faves is the selection of ideas; I browsed through it and I really liked what I saw; top-notch design ideas presented in pictures and words. You can pick one of the 23 categories – and counting! – in the menu at the bottom of the homepage. My favorite ideas so far are the whimsical bird cage swing by Ontwerpduo and the gigantic pizza-baking disco ball. I will probably have new favorites tomorrow, since they update the website several times a day. Check it out!

Whimsical bird cage swing by Ontwerpduo


Outdoor sculpture by Bruit du Frigo


Sarcastically small plates by Duncan Shotton


New fashion by Kenzo: pop art meets surrealism


The Heineken Sub chills your beet for optimal enjoyment


Austrian architect designs gigantic pizza-baking disco ball


Furniture design inspired by nature: the Ivy Chair


Environment friendly architecture in London: the Garden Bridge Trust


Modernized retro cartoon posters by Tom Whalen


Nissan’s radical BladeGlider concept car from the Tokyo Motor Show


Giving Tree Sticky Notes make reminders fun


Constellation inspired hanging lamps: ‘Starry Light’


Moller Skycar launches crowdfunding project


Sarcastically small plates by Duncan Shotton


New fashion by Kenzo: Pop art meets surrealism


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