16 Website Designs with a Touch of Red

As technology slowly progresses in taking over the major areas of our lives, it begs the question of how it’s going to subtly integrate with our lives more so than just run it? In this roundup of website inspiration I decided to fixate my attention on subtle touches of red.

We don’t always realize it, but most of the time a touch or splash of color makes a big difference on a white canvas and in the era that simplicity is mostly overlooked, it’s something we should pay attention to.

Whilst there are tons of platforms and CMS’ to choose from, WordPress has become one of our favorite platforms to build websites on. WordPress gives you a range of flexibilities for developing your site over something that is static and require an engineer to help you setup. WordPress theme packages such as this one offer a great base from which to develop the aesthetics of your website.

If you need some ideas about what is needed for a website, check out the article on The Elements of an oustanding website design and if you need more inspiration than that, make sure to check out Abduzeedo’s daily inspiration.

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