20 Amazing Sand Sculpture Art Examples

History of sand sculpture is as old as the sand itself. Not practices formally as other art forms which can be tracked in the lines of history. This is kind of informal art which is gaining popularity and now has become a full fledged art form in the mid of 19th century.

Easiest and the simplest material are the ingredients of this art form. As mainly bucket or shovel are required to build a sculpture with sand. Not fully dry or fully wet sand is used. The ratio is 8:1, means eight part of sand and one part of water to make the structure stable.

Sea sand normally has silt and clay in it which make the sculpture more stable. As the sand dries the structure become more vulnerable to slides and weak. For large structures artist use wooden support too.

Weekends on the beaches are fun to built the sculptures of sand. Normally castles are the favorite of all to build. Special festival and competitions are also held on the beaches in summer in which we see amazing pieces of art built with sand.

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