20 Bee Logos That Are Just Dripping In Sweet Honey

Did you know that bees are dying at an alarming rate? You’ve probably seen the meme somewhere online, but it’s actually very factual.

A study by the Institute of Bee Health, published by Proceedings of the Royal Society B found that a common insecticide actually kills male bee’s sperm.

A class of pesticides called neonicotinoids has been banned in the EU since 2013 but are commonly used in the U.S. The study showed that male bees, also called drones, produce 39% less sperm when they eat pollen with traces of this insecticide.

Consider this insecticide a birth control for bees.

Out of respect for our dying friends, I’ve put together a collection of bee logos. May they rest in peace!


Credit to respective artists.


bee-2 BrewHouseNo16.Logo.FINAL Print honey_hive.indd bee-6 bee-7 bee-8 bee-9 NEI_LOGO_FINAL bee-11 Quy chuan bee-13 bee-14 bee-15 bee-16 bee-17 bee-18 bee-19



Q: What do you call a wasp?
A: A wanna-bee!

I hope you enjoyed this collection. Comments, feedback, and even your best bee joke would be appreciated!