20 Creative and Inspiring Business Card Designs

Your business card is a crucial element when reaching out to a potential client. It represents yourself or your company as a whole, putting across everything you do and stand for on one small piece of card. It leaves the client with a lasting image. Whether that is good or not can often come down to the design and thought that has gone into the card. Personally, I would never hire a designer with cheap, nasty business cards that look as if it has been printed on his old black and white cartridge printer that is running out of ink. As a creative, you are often judged on your business card because it is an example of your work and gives the client an idea of your skill and creativity. Here, I have brought together a selection of creative, unique and inspiring business card designs from my new website which showcases beautiful business cards.

Ben is the owner of the Pixel Network which includes Pixel Clouds and Pixel Cards | He is 15 and currently studying Art and Design at College. Follow Ben on twitter @pixlclouds