20 Duck Logos that Might Make You Quack

Logos come and go, but branding needs to leave a distinctive mark in your market. That’s the only way you can gain ground and stay at the top. I’ve taken a quirky approach for this article and rounded up some duck logos as some inspiration.

Maybe they could be useful as ideas for your next project, or some of them could just give you a laugh. That will be up to you, so enjoy.


duck-2 duck-3 duck-4 duck-5 duck-6 duck-7 duck-8 duck-9 duck-10 duck-11 duck-12 duck-13 duck-14 duck-15 duck-16 duck-17 duck-18 duck-19



Question: What do ducks get after they eat?
Answer: A bill!

I hope that this inspired you! Please do me a favor and leave your best duck joke in the comments!