20 Funky Urban Fonts

Written language is as important as spoken language because it enables you to send a message using exactly the words you want and spare you from those awkward moments of silence that sometimes accompany the conversation. Using the right font when writing a text, whether it’s for a birthday invitation, a school project, a not so friendly note to your neighbor and his 2 a.m. barking dog can say a lot about the person behind the writing in terms of creativity and originality.

These 20 funky fonts that we have gathered today we hope will really inspire you in your future projects or they will boost your imagination. And finding really good fonts that can best suit your writing needs are not so easy to find. So finding a good place to get free fonts to use is a real bargain for everyone out there that thinks that writing is more than the classic Times New Roman font and sending a message is more than what you write, it’s words and fonts combined to give the receiver of the text the best reading experience.

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