20 Funny Famous Logo Parodies/Interpretations

There are some logos that are immediately recognizable. Some of them are unforgettable, as well, and you will remember them for years after they have changed or been rebooted in a new style. That is what they are made to do, sticking with the consumer and potentially bringing their business to the company in the future. It has worked for decades, and it will continue to do so far into the future.

That is what makes logos so ripe for parody. As recognizable references in today’s culture, they are something that can be shared with and enjoyed by everyone. These 20 examples prove it:

1. Ewww

The slogan “I’m lovin’ it” doesn’t always apply. The creator of this logo parody was sending a pretty obvious message when it switched around the classic golden arches to spell out the word “Ewww.” They wouldn’t be the first ones to have that opinion of McDonald’s, and I doubt they will be the last.

2. Rock Stars Forever

This one is more cute than anything else and looks like it would go great on a T-shirt. Since there is a Starbucks on every corner these days, and even in hospitals and places of business, everyone will know the source.

3. MLB

What baseball fan doesn’t hold a certain amount of scorn for the issue of steroids? Many of the greats have already been busted using the enhancers, which is a big no-no put forward by the league. That is why this shirt, with its logo, expresses the issue quite nicely. It may be the secret norm, but that doesn’t make it OK.

4. Ford

Ford is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. But the company has seen its share of controversy. It is also one of those companies whose products people seem to either love or hate, with nothing in between. However, Ford is still one of the biggest sellers of trucks, and the Focus is a hugely popular sedan, making the “Fail” logo a personal opinion on the maker’s part, but a funny one.

5. LG

Life is tough, especially when you spend a couple hundred dollars on a phone, only to have it break and not be covered under warranty. An enormous maker of electronics of all kinds, LG has a very recognizable label that has been turned into a crying face. That is exactly what I would be doing if I accidentally spilled coffee on my LG Revolution or put a baseball through my flatscreen.

6. Yahoo!

The last time I installed Yahoo! Messenger I had to do it four times to get it to work properly. It still freezes occasionally, signs me out when I am having no connection problems, and refuses to keep my settings from defaulting. It is a good metaphor for the changes the company has undergone lately, which is why the falling letters and the question mark here speak to me on a personal level.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy has been facing a lot of economic problems in the past few years. Buying from a store at the retail prices it asks just isn’t worth it to most people. Consumers have turned instead to buying online, which allows for better cost comparison and special deals and promotions not available through their local store. So the pleading tone is realistic, especially if you have seen Best Buy’s commercials.

8. Cisco Systems

Accusations of intimidation, antitrust lawsuits, tax fraud investigations, economic hits, criticism over censorship – Cisco is not a stranger to scandal. That is why the “Fiasco Systems” label, using the bar graph image of the official logo, is so amusing. Especially with the downward sizing of the bars – similar to the lessening of profits in the past few years.

9. Chrysler

One of the “big three” automakers, Chrysler was right beside both Ford and GM when the economic crisis nearly shut down the auto industry. It was also among the first to receive bailout funds from the government to keep it afloat and ward of creditors. Last year, Chrysler posted profits for the first time since 1999, with a 17 percent increase. But not everyone is happy, namely taxpayers who fronted the cash.

10. Toy Story

Who doesn’t love “Toy Story”? This T-shirt put Rex the dinosaur from the Pixar films on the logo for “Jurassic Park,”another big-screen classic that still terrifies audiences everywhere. That is perfect, because we all know what a scary dino Rex is – or, tries to be.

11. Taco Bell

I know people who try to stay away from Taco Bell. It isn’t that it is a bad fast-food joint; it’s pretty much like any other. They have just had a couple of bad experiences that I won’t share that put them off the food. So “Taco Hell” about sums it up for anyone who has spent a night in agony following too many chalupas.

12. Pepsi

You know what they say: If you want to lose weight, cut out soft drinks. That is easier said than done for some people who have an apparent addiction to fuzzy, caffeinated beverages. But seeing this makes it a little easier to slow down on the can guzzling.

13. Google

Google is, in many ways, a terrifying company. It shares out data, shows our houses on Street View and monitors our comings and goings online. It is also controversial because of censorship issues all over the world. While the Goolag comparison might be a little strong, it isn’t hard to see why the maker came to the conclusion.

14. Nascar

Not a fan of racing? Show your (lack of) fanaticism with this baby-doll T-shirt. You will notice the similarity of the logo to Nascar racing, but it says what so many of us feel deep in our hearts: that even with occasional explosions and car crashes, it can’t be redeemed.

15. American Express

I recently read a spoof article on The Onion about a credit card company that was found to be responsible for the largest fraud scheme in history. Isn’t that the truth? American Express (and others) gouge users with interest to the point that they can’t even pay down principle amounts because they are too busy keeping up with the extras tacked on.

16. NFL

It is incredible how often football players get in trouble with the law. From DUIs to assault, there seems to be a story every other day about someone facing jail time and fees from the league for a transgression of some kind. That makes this logo, with the bars and the gripping hands, all the more poignant.

17. ADHD

Every generation has a new disease that meets a trend. For the ’90s and into today, that disease is ADHD. It seems that every child who has trouble sitting still is suffering from it. I am not saying that there aren’t real cases, I am just saying – oh, look! A kitty! I am going to chase it!

18. UPS

I have had more than one package ruined by UPS. I have even filed official complaints, had something resent and then had it broken again. I can only assume that UPS fits parcels into its trucks by stomping on them to fit them into tight corners. Or maybe it is like the spoof logo implies, and it really is an accident.

19. Jeep

I have always been terrified to ride in Jeeps. They don’t look like real cars – more like those plastic ones that kids drive around in. Some of them even have doors that zip shut. I am sure a heavy wind would send it flying over the edge of a cliff, so calling it “cheap” is an understatement.

20. Wells Fargo

I have never used Wells Fargo, so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of its service. But I am almost completely certain it is not run by the Grim Reaper and a set of skeleton steeds – about 97 percent sure.

Do you have any logo parodies you would like to share? Let us know!

Jennifer Moline writes for the PsPrint Blog and has been covering small-business and freelance news for a number of years. PsPrint is a cheap printing company.