20 Portfolio Designs To Blow You Away

Portfolios are definitely one of those things that every designer/freelancer should have. Its the number 1 thing on “every designers to do list if they don’t have one yet” too. If your on the brink of redesigning your portfolio or if your just sifting around for inspiration this article is definitely aimed at you. I have listed 20 Portfolio Designs that I think are really great, some of them are simple, some are complex. Everyone has a different style and therefore the different styles are catered for in this article. Let’s not rock around to long and get down to business – Check out the 20 Portfolio Designs below.


ftdesigner SerialCut

serialcut Form Troopers

formtroopers Work at Play

workatplay Gavin Castleton

gavinc Alexarts

alexarts Creative People

cpeople MediaFlex

mediaflex Francesco Mugnai

francescom Bad Assembly

badassembly 31THREE

31three NewToYork

newtoyork Nine Flavors

9flavors Florida Flourish

flourishweb Positive Hype

Positive Hype MochiMedia

Mochin Media TheToke

thetoke thePlant

theplant Oink Fu

oinkfu Kay Time Two


That concedes our list. Inspirational sites indeed aren’t they? You can leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of them.

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