20 Small But Magnificent Boats

This week’s photography roundup might sound kind of random, but allow me to explain.

Today was cloudy and hazy at the beach; not an ideal beach day. But as I was walking along the coast, I saw a small wooden boat tied to a rope on shore. What would normally of been a very boring and uncomfortable beach day, turned into inspiration as I looked at that small wooden boat amongst the haze. There was something very picturesque about the scene, inspiring me to put together this roundup focused on small boats. Random, but beautiful!

Take a scroll through and see what I mean! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit:Leena Rogers


credit:erfan a. setiawan


credit:Mr. Verdian

credit:DC P

credit:Deepak Raj


credit:Jessada Rungkhakulnuwat

credit:Takahiro Fujita

credit:Ziad Hunesh

credit:Steve Johnson

credit:Virgil Telmo

credit:Derik Yuswalaf


credit:Manolis Archontakis


credit:Mike Waller

credit:Mathias Liebing

credit:Rick Westcott


Hopefully after scrolling through this photography roundup, you’ll understand the inspiration behind this randomness. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this collection! Thanks for stopping by!