20 Tools to Check Your Web Site’s Performance

The crucial factor in the successful performance of the website is its speed. One cannot neglect the fact that the internet users are impatient and looking for instant gratification. Thus if your website is not quick loading and dull in performance you are more than certain to lose out on attracting customers, generating leads and marching ahead on the road of success. However, don’t fret as we have assembles top 20 tools which you can use, in order to analyze and evaluate the performance of your website and fix up the required areas so that your SEO will optimally perform better as well. For better results, it is advices to use more than one tool simultaneously.

1. Page Speed Online

Google’s Page Speed Online — this is an expert solution that you can possibly get to keep a check on the performance of your website. page speed online is basically a web based adaptation of the very famous browser extension of Google Chrome web development and it evaluates the performance of your website under the best practices for web performance, which has been prescribed by Google itself. The web performance best practices by Google consist of a set of rules and criteria need to be met for the optimal front end performance of your website. Page speed online, being a comprehensive tool not only enables you to check the performance, but you also gain a lot of information from this significant tool. Along with that, it also come packed with a report regarding the best practices you can possible use for mobile devices, in order to optimize their performance.

2. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is basically a monitoring service which keeps the tab on a server, a network and the website as well. The website speed testing tool by Pingdom operates online and is available for free and provides you with quality detailed inputs on various aspects like how long does it take each of the objects of the web page, for example images, style sheets and JavaScript libraries etc, to download and also grades the performance of browser caching and related aspects. Another applicable report which Pingdom tools brings to you is reports regarding the page analysis, which offers you information the time it takes your website to load, the page size and other requests.

3. Free Website Performance Test (BrowserMob)

BrowserMob is primarily a company dedicated to providing the load testing and monitoring service to the websites and the Free Website Performance Tool by BrowserMob provides you with resourceful information regarding the speed of your web page, which includes load time, the total weight of web page and number of page objects. It gives you a global and comprehensive insight on how the website is performing by sending pings your web page from four different locations.

4. Which Loads Faster?

As the name suggests, this tool gives a comparative analysis of how two websites are performing, when it comes to loading and performance. If you wish to compare the two websites, this is the best tool available for you. With the “Which Loads Faster?” tool, you can easily compare the performance of your website, pitched against the website of your competitor and you get to know which is performing better or worse. As a competitive corporate firm, this is quite an interesting open source tool that you have been provided with.

5. WebPageTest

This neat and smart testing tool provides you with the information regarding the rendering speed of your web page in real browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and also allows you to test the same across various locations round the world. With the advanced settings available in Web Page Tests, it can also ape the common internet connection speeds like DSL and 56 K dial up and also ad blocking, in order to give you the cost in terms of loss of performance due to running ads on your website.

6. Web Page Analyzer

If you are looking for a tried and tested, old and reliable solution for analyzing the performance of the web pages, Web Page Analyzer if your answer. Its first version was introduced in the year 2003 and provides information on the size of the web pages, various assets and load time along with recommending all the options for improvement.

7. Show Slow

To begin with, you need to register, in order to utilize this web tool. Secondly it is the web based counterpart of an open source application based on the server model and famous by the same name. With the show slow web application, you can publicly add a URL which needs to be monitored and it brings to you the results from three famous testing tools, which are YSlow, Page Speed and dynaTrace.

8. Site-Perf

This web-based website speed testing tool displays relevant data on page-rendering time, such as total download time, number of connections made and number of requests made. It also has some bonus features such as being able to run the test even if the web page has HTTP authentication (simply supply it with the password to the page) and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.

9. Load Impact

Load impact is another advantageous load testing and performance analyzing tool which gives you the required insights on the ability of your website to handle the traffic it gets. The online web performance evaluation tool is capable enough to demonstrate the graphed data like the load time for users, and requests per second which comes handy in administering the web server and understanding how fast it can handle the requests pertaining to web pages.

10. OctaGate SiteTimer

This one is one basic, straight to the point online tool. All you got to do is plug in the URL which you wish to test and in return you will get a bar graph which will contain all the information regarding the when the download time begins, ends and the duration. Thus, this online tool quickly shows you the pages which take time to load and hence allows you to optimize each of their performance.

The other half of the online performance testing and analysis tools are.

11. Web Site Performance Test(Gomez)

It is real time site performance tool which provides information regarding DNS lookup time and the time it takes to connect.

12. Webslug

Being on the lines of Which loads faster? tool (refer above) this web based tool again evaluates how two site are performing.

13. WebWait

It is an elementary level website speed timer which gives options to prescribe the number of requests to make and set the time interval in between, for example 10 requests in 15 seconds.

14. Website Speed Test(Search metrics)

It gives you enough inputs on page speed, which also includes predicted times required for loading, for several types of Internet connections.

15. GTmetrix

This is an online tool which employs YSlow and PageSpeed to analyzes the front-end performance of the web site, and the information which its provides is very easy to comprehend.

16. Website Speed Test(WebToolHub)

This online tool handles the primarily important web site performance providing data such as size of the page, time required for loading, speed for downloading and average speed in an organized tabular format.

17. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer

The reports provided by this online tool are pleasing to the eyes. You need to sign up, in order to utilize its features.

18. Zoompf Free Web Performance Scan

This web based tools run a thorough scan through your web page and assemble data regarding the web performance however, before you start using it, you need to verify the email id.

19. Site Speed Checker

With this web based site speed tool with which you can even run tests on 10 URLs simultaneously.

20. Duplichecker – Free Plagiarism Checker

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