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September 2011

Showcase of 20 Photos that Utilize Textures Well

In photography today, texturing is beginning to develop into a well-used practice in photo processing. Looks can range from distressed paper to the addition of grains and even words. This can be achieved by overlaying the subject photo with a textured image. Contrast and blending is all up to the

11 Quick Tips for Generating Client Leads

Any successful freelancer knows that the real bread-and-butter projects don’t just fall into your lap, not initially anyway. Once you’re established and have a great website, with an impressive portfolio and high Google rankings, clients will flock to you, but until then, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and

20 Car Brochure Designs That Will Drive You Crazy

Due to the competitive nature of the automobile industry, car business owners like you — should come up with effective ways to market your products and services. One way is to hand out well-designed car brochures and catalogs to your prospective clients. You can do more than just supply people

30 Realistic Vector Illustrations

Vector images are an essential part of designs across all mediums, from web to mobile to print. We use apps like Adobe Illustrator to create everything from icons to illustrations. But one reputation the vector has a hard time shaking is that it’s impossible to create anything that’s not at

15 Inspiring Design Blogs You May Not Know About

In the creative industry, there’s nothing worse than losing the drive to work on a project from lack of inspiration. It’s a sort of writers block that all creatives experience from time to time. You’re likely familiar with the feeling: up late staring at a blank screen, whether it’s on

A Showcase of 30 Quirky, Hand-Drawn Logos

It can be difficult, sometimes, to get the personality of the business across in a logo, but this is especially true of companies that have an interesting, fun & quirky atmosphere. One of the most effective ways of producing a logo that’s full of personality is to hand-draw it –