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April 2012

Five Tools for Teaching Beyond School Walls

While it is easy for advocacy groups to claim that the Internet will be the salvation of the American school system and that online degrees and classes will open up an entire world of possibilities, the realities of integrating technology into the classroom can be complicated and involved. State standard

6 Ways For A Writer To Make Money

Writing is a wonderful medium of expression. Sharing your thoughts and ideas with others not only refines one’s writing skills but also pays well. Making money from selling ideas is one of the aspects of writing that is attracting professionals and amateurs to write. With the advent of online media,

22 Inspiring Flyer Designs

When an event draws near, flyers flood the streets promoting the upcoming, one night that will blow your mind event. They come in different shapes and sizes drawing you in with bright colors, dashing stripes, entertaining photos and more. Professional flyers are designed to capture a persons attention and keep

17 New Inspiring Business Cards

We can never have enough inspiration. That is what it comes down to. We live in a world that evolves around us. People constantly say they don’t like change, but a year from now everything is different…Why is that? It’s because innovation takes over and change is inevitable. That is