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July 2012

Creating Frosted Glass Text in Photoshop

One of the better things you could do with Photoshop’s filters and layer styles is to give your text a frosted-rolled glass effect. Unfortunately, producing the look of glass that has been sandblasted or acid etched is simple or straightforward enough that it can be relegated to an action script

How to Create Stunning Pictures with Light

Imagination is the key to achieving recognition. Some people have the knack of letting their imagination ‘run wild’ and are able to seize the perfect idea that will catapult them to recognition, while others have an idea or concept ‘just pop into their heads’. With the technology available today the

How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

One of the nifty things about Photoshop is that you no longer have to waste money and time on going to a stylist just to try out a different hair color. With just the Quick Mask, the “Lighten” Layer Blending mode, the Hue/Saturation adjustment, and your photo, you can check Has Your Business Card Designs!

If you’re looking to create new Business Cards, you probably don’t have a great design already… Custom design work can be expensive to commission, and who has the time to spend hours in a design program? has the solution! Awesome Business Card Templates, totally free! Here you can simply

So You Want to Be a Graphic Designer?

There are a lot of people that think being a graphic designer is easy. Sure it looks fun and is fun at times, but what they don’t see is the behind the scenes work that takes place to make a success of the chosen career field. So to everyone out