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October 2012

Most Committed Mistakes often Missed by Blog Writers

Grammar and spelling is probably the top of anyone’s list in this department, but ironically, because grammar and spelling are the most common errors–they are also the most commonly searched for error. This article deals with the errors that blog posters commit and often miss. The Silly Similar Word Most

31 Sexy Search Boxes

Perhaps the most useful element in a website is often the most overlooked from a design perspective. The humble search box, tucked up in the top corner or hidden away down the side bar, is often forgotten about. Yet with a little care and attention, your search box can truly

50 Stunning Super Hero Posters

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a roundup of super hero posters! I love illustration in general, but super heroes are an awe-inspiring genre of design that gets my creative energies up to their super power levels. These posters focus on various genres of super hero designs –

Giveaway: $350 Logo Design Contest on DesignCrowd

If you’re looking to start a new business or venture, you obviously need a well designed logo to become the face of your company. Logo designs can cost thousands of dollars if you turn towards top tiered design studios and agencies. However, we have partnered with DesignCrowd to giveaway a

How to Test your Website for Mobile Devices with Emulators

Nowadays, it has become obvious that ignoring people who are connected to the Internet through handheld device is a mistake and the number of visitors will lower considerably. The predictions related to the growth of mobile visitors are amazing and this is clearly another reason to consider a “mobile website.”

Choosing the Right Typography for Your Website

Choosing typography for your website is almost as essential as the design itself. It not only helps your visitor have a clear understanding of your websites content the type also sets a mood for your website. Since this kind of consideration can be very subjective, there are a lot of

Tips for Finding Inspiration and Sparking Creativity

Whether you are looking for new business ideas, looking to write that next chapter in your book or trying to optimize your marketing campaign, you will need to generate creative ideas.

Don’t believe in the myth of writer’s block, or in any idea which only promotes your blocks to creativity. These limiting beliefs and low energy ideas cripple your creativity. By following the tips below you will be able to generate creative ideas on command. Remember, as you flex your mental muscles these faculties become stronger. You become more and more creative each day as you express yourself creatively on a persistent basis.

10 Tutorials for Manipulating Faces in Photoshop

Even the most masterful Photoshoppers can struggle with face editing. How do you remove imperfections without losing the essence of the portrait subject? The following 10 Photoshop tutorials offer excellent tips and tricks for Photoshopping picture-perfect faces.

30 Stunning Examples of Spot UV Printed Business Cards

Business Cards still reign supreme when it comes to physically exchanging contact details, despite the wide range of overly technical mobile phone apps and gadgets that are constantly claiming to be the next big thing. Thanks to the rapid advancement of today’s technology, there really are no limitations when it comes to business card creativity, allowing you to dream up a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures and effects.