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February 2013

Windows Metro Style Design

On August 1th 2011, Microsoft launched Windows 8. Along with the launch, the company also launched hopes of trying to salvage the declining market share of PCs. Windows 8 promises a much better user experience geared towards making significant changes to the Operating System itself and also rendering the OS

40 Stunning Logos Inspired by Nature

Mother Nature provides design inspiration all around us and its impact on design industry is obvious. If you only browse through design galleries, like we did, you will see how many amazing logo designs are inspired by nature. Today we’re going to share with you some interesting and clever professional

30 Examples of Great Ecommerce Themes

Ecommerce is one of the largest growing industries on the web, and customers spend billions of dollars every year buying products and services online. These days, starting an ecommerce site is easier than ever before, thanks to ecommerce website builders and content management systems that streamline the process. In this

Free Valentines Icon Set (14 Icons, PNG, AI)

Valentines Day is around the corner, a day filled with love, chocolates, roses, hugs and kisses. We thought it would be fair to bring you a quality valentines icon set designed by the guys over at An1ken Creative. The icon set features 14 icons in 3 different sizes: 256×256, 128×128

5 Techniques for Staying Focused on Tasks

Modern life is full of distractions. Our lives are constantly being interrupted by notifications, computer screens and social networks, and it is easy to whittle away the hours procrastinating. When faced with looming deadlines or busy work schedules, these mindless diversions have a big impact on our our ability to

4 Simple Ways of Working Correctly with Time Tracking

Whilst a lot of designers and developers claim to their clients that they make use of time tracking applications..they don’t. They work on the project and estimate the time it took them to complete it through the browsing, emails, playlist setups and coffee breaks. That isn’t the right way though.