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May 2013

5 Tips Designers Can Learn From Developers

Design and development are by no means mutually exclusive. Although each role can be clearly defined by specific expertise and approach, when all is said and done, it’s by working together that we create a successful end product that adheres to the many and varied needs of the client. As

6 Tips to Help Improve Your eCommerce Product Pages

Good and impressive product pages play a crucial role in the growth and success of any eCommerce website. It can’t be denied that there are multiple poor eCommerce pages lying out there in the web and you would definitely not want to be one amongst them! Good product pages in

20 Funky Urban Fonts

Written language is as important as spoken language because it enables you to send a message using exactly the words you want and spare you from those awkward moments of silence that sometimes accompany the conversation. Using the right font when writing a text, whether it’s for a birthday invitation,

11 Beautiful Minimalistic Websites

The trend in web design has been hovering over minimalism for quite some time now. The vast majority of new sites popping up showcases ultra minimalism in the format of subtle color use, clean and thin lines and beautiful cover pieces of information for their intended client/reader base. The website

10 Must Have Magento Extensions

Magento has come up to be a leader in the world for setting up and running online stores of different kinds and till now, more than 1 25 000 online stores have been set up using this platform. Magento provides its users with every feature possible but there are times

30 High-Quality Vector & PSD Ribbons

Ribbons are very popular elements to brighten up a design. No matter whether you are creating a congratulation card, print advertisement, website or any different type of design, it’s the perfect way to put some life to your design. As ribbons can be very eye-catching they are popular to use