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June 2013

11 Beautiful Whiskey Packaging Designs

Whiskey has long been a popular drink for the rich and wealthy. Having their favorite brands always perched in their offices with a few crystal glasses and a beautiful decanter, the whiskey lovers never say no to trying new whiskey. These whiskey packaging design that I have featured below isn’t

15 Impressive Tools for Creating Beautiful Presentations

Ever since MS PowerPoint revolutionized corporate and marketing communication in the early part of the millennium, presenting ideas through attractive slideshows has become a mandatory component of any successful and engaging presentation. The effectiveness of any presentation relies heavily on the styling, structure and attractiveness of the slides that are

76 Funny T-Shirt Illustrations by Chow Hon Lam

Funny T-shirt illustrations have become a trend under the geek community, finding humor in the strangest places and thoroughly enjoying the show off of it too. These T-shirt illustrations by Chow Hon Lam is quality humor at its best. Manipulating pre existing characters into funny wearable items. So who is

Why Bloggers Still Need Business Cards (30+ Tips)

You love your blog, your visitors and life is great. You’re online, on Twitter and connecting with people all over the place. You probably think you don’t need business cards. But wait. Blogging is all about relationships, both online and offline. So if you’re concerned about networking, then you need

5 New Trends in Web Design Layouts

Web design is an ever-changing craft. Like fashion, it responds to modern tastes, and like product design, it has to be useful and make its target audience want to interact with it. So your degree in web design is only the beginning on your road to becoming successful. Because web

8 Things That Impel Your Business To Have A Website

For any new business to sustain in the marketplace, a website is very important. Even for the smaller business, a website is pretty much essential. Some may believe that they don’t need websites for their businesses but it’s a misconception as the market has been transforming. To compliment your business