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April 2014

10 Beautiful E-Commerce Logos and Their Websites

E-commerce has evolved substantially over the last few years. Introducing smaller brands to online sales and an extra source of revenue has totally changed the influencing game between brands. A company with a small team can now match sales that a big store can, simply by minimizing the brick and

5 Steps to Get a Loan for your Design Agency

The biggest problem with starting a new business is often the funding needed to move forward on your million dollar idea. They always say that money makes more money, but how much is needed to really get your business growing? I would evidently say that is up to you. Whether

Bosslogic Speed Art Videos (Inspiration)

I always love looking at speed art videos. It not only inspires you, but shows you exactly how everything came together right from the start. Bosslogic has been a great inspiration to thousands of digital artists all over the world. I interviewed him in 2010 on Creativeoverflow and since then