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April 2016

6 Blog Post Title Generators You Must Know

The important of any piece of content besides the actual content is the post title. For one, a good post title will attract people to read the post. For another, it also tells search engines what your post is about and helps in search engine rankings. Thereby, you need and

A Short History Lesson on WordPress in 600 Words

There are more than 280 content management systems in the world of which WordPress is the most popular one. By January 2015, it was the platform that hosted over 23% of the top 10 million websites. By February of this year, it was the choice of over 25% of all

6 Video Plugins to Use for WordPress

WordPress is one of the blogging platforms and content management systems used most often in the world nowadays to host websites. It supports bloggers or webmasters to publish content with the capabilities of articles, images, audio, and even video inclusions. In this post we would like to introduce 8 video

7 Amazing Resources to Enhance Your Photography Skills

If you think that a camera and a subject is all that is needed for capturing amazing pictures, then you are wrong. Apart from your motive, ambiance and subject, you would require a number of different instruments and editing softwares to give your pictures the professional touch. Capturing an image

5 Ways that 5G Could Change Online Marketing

The rollout of the 4G network has driven online marketing forward over the past years – marketing efforts now heavily include the use of mobile apps, for example. With the fifth generation of mobile networks on the horizon, there could be a similar push forward in the techniques available to