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November 2016

29 Banksy Original And Inspired Works Of Street Art!

The identity of the notorious and widely popular street artist Banksy has only been speculated, with his true identity still very unknown. The Telegraph published an article earlier this year with the speculated and supposedly proven identity of the artist as a man named Robin Gunningham. They reported that a

19 Famous Logos Reimagined

The bigger the brand, the more recognizable the logo. Even if you don’t drink Red Bull, eat at McDonalds and shop on Amazon, the logos of these brands have become so iconic that you’d be hard pushed to find someone in the Western world that doesn’t recognize them. But what

What Freelancers Need to Know About Working More Efficiently

Freelancing web designers are naturally interested in finding ways to increase their productivity and their income. If you are doing freelancing work, you’re no doubt open to exploring ways to increase your work efficiency. And seek out clients who offer challenging assignments and pay well when those assignments are completed.

Build An Online Portfolio Quick-Quick With

Switzerland is known to produce some of the best watches, cheeses, and chocolates in the world. is a Swiss made service (founded in Zurich in 2011) with 51,468 users (at the time of writing). But can it be added to the list of Switzerland’s finest? Let’s jump in and

One Design Site To Rule Them All – Envato Elements

For starters, we at Creative Overflow love Envato! Briefly, Envato consists of 5 “products”; Market, Studio, Tuts+ (tutorials), Sites (coming soon), and the product I’ll be covering today, Elements. Quick side note, and I’m sure you’re already well aware, but the Envato community is pretty huge; consisting of over 6

Get Creative with your Payment Options

Getting customers to spend money in your new store is made all the more difficult by a ham-fisted approach to payment options. With all the different processing services on the market, though, it’s a problem that doesn’t need to exist. Here’s a quick look at several different payment methods, from

23 Premium Finance WordPress Themes

If you’re in the financial space and need to broaden your reach, you’ve come to the right place! Traditional finance would have brokers and analysts working the phones or scheduling in-person meetings to discuss strategy and financial options. Today, that is still very much the case, only firms have the

I’m Hungry, So Here’s 29 Logos For Foodies!

The title doesn’t lie; I’m actually incredibly hungry as I’m writing this. I’m cutting dairy from my diet so my food selection is a tad limited… There are more than 230,000 fast-food establishments and more than 350,000 independent restaurants in the U.S alone. The food industry is absolutely massive due

Quick tips on How to Create Your Own Bingo Website

Are you thinking of creating your own bingo website? This piece takes a look at what you need to know. There is no doubt to the fact that bingo gaming is extremely popular. It is therefore, a great idea to get your first bingo gaming site. How to start As